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Mystery School Member Karin Olson's book about Angels among usJodi: Guardian Angel in Training, the first book in the Jodi Trilogy, is a Christian Fantasy written by Karin Olson, a student in the Mystery School.  The book will be free as a Kindle download for the next three days.  (If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon has free software to allow Kindle media to be read on all other electronic devices.)

Jodi was a special forces angel who desperately wanted to be a guardian angel and pleaded with God to let her try.  After several centuries of her pleas, God finally gave in to her and assigned her to Gerald who had severe Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.  The first book chronicles their life together for the first forty years of Gerald’s life beginning in the early 1900’s.  The impetuous Jodi creates serious  controversy in the angelic realms with her novel solutions to life’s problems not the least of which is introducing herself to Gerald when he is only four. Her actions create consternation in the rigid hierarchy of the Guardian Division.

The Jodi Trilogy consists of three books: Jodi: Guardian Angel in Training, Jodi and the Children, and The Jodi Experiment.  Jodi and the Children narrates the expansion of Jodi’s innovations into a subculture of human families who work interactively with their angels.  The family angels can now team guard.  And anyone who knows their angel personally can see and talk to other guardians who are in similar relationships with their own angels.  In the third book of the trilogy Jodi must form a new department in the hierarchy and overcome the obstacles thrown up by those who disapprove of her methods and by Satan who sees her work as a serious infringement on his access to humans.

Since Jodi introduces a new concept of interaction between humans and their angels, this might be a book that will be of interest to some of our Mystery School members.  And since right now it is free ….

Here is a direct link to the free Kindle version of the book, Jodi: Guardian Angel In Training

(You can also see inside the book from this page)
Jodi is also available in print form thru Rosedog, a subsidiary of Dorrence.

Jodi’s website is

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