Spring Equinox, End of March Holidays

Esotre Easter Goddess for Northern European ChristiansMarch 19 – Eyvind Kinnrifi (Odinist  / Norse)
– Athena’s Day (Greek)
– Minerva’s Day (Roman)

March 20 – Ala Festival (Nigerian)
– Iduna’s Day (Norse)
– Alban Eilir (Celtic, Druid holiday)
– Spring Harvest Festival (Egyptian)

March 20-21 Old Sumerian Vernal / Spring Equinox Festival – celebrating the return of Dumuzi (also spelled Tammuz or Tamuzi), the God of Life and Death from the Underworld to be with Inanna (Goddess of Life) for the verdant part of the year.

March 20 or 21 Spring Equinox aka Vernal Equinox aka Ostara.  Marks the beginning of Spring. Days and nights are exactly equal, the sun rises and sets in the exact east and west.  This holiday represents the first creation, but also the annual creation (planting so crops grow each year) and most symbolic, the perpetual creation. Fertility symbols abound such as eggs and rabbits.  Spring or Vernal Equinox begins a forty day period which culminates with May Day, another fertility Spring festival of ancient origin.  This forty day period is one of four such in the esoteric Church year.  The other three forty day periods are:  Fall Equinox  (Sept 22 or 23) to Halloween / AllSaints Day (Oct. 31, Nov.1), Dec. 25 to Candlemas (Feb 1 or 2) and of course, Lent.  Lent is the forty day period beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter Sunday every year.

March 23 – Venus’ Day
– Summer Finding (Norse)

March 24:  Feast Day of Archangel Gabriel whose name means, “The High One’s Hero,” or “Hero of God,” or “Power of God,” or “Might of God.”  Note this day comes one day before Annunciation Day when Gabriel performed his most famous task.  Since 1970, the Catholic Church no longer recognizes this day for Gabriel, ending a thousand year plus tradition by opting to lump him in with Raphael and Michael for a Feast of the Holy Archangels Day on Sept 29. Originally the Church had an angel for each of the four “corners” of the year, the solstices and equinoxes. It was the Church’s only recognition of these “pagan” holy days.

– Britannia’s Day
– Heimdall’s Day (Norse)

March 25  – Annunciation Day, Christian feast commemorating Blessed Maria’s choosing to conceive Child Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit and to                                    become a catalyst of liberation and redemption
– Hilaria’s Day (Roman)
– Return of the Goddess
– Mars and Neria (Roman)

March 27 – Greek Galaxia, Adoration of Cybele
– Smell the Breeze Day (Egyptian)

March 28 – Birthday of Kwan Yin (Chinese)
– Sacrifice at the Tombs (Roman)
– Pallas’ Day (Greek)

March 29 – Festival of Ishtar (Babylonian)
– St. Mark’s Day
– Delphinia (Greece)
– Expulsions of the Demons of Bad Luck (Tibetan)

March 30 – Eostre’s Day (Germanic) This is the goddess from whose name the Northern Europeans got the word Easter. She is a Spring goddess. Southern Europeans and Eastern Orthodox Christians call the holiday Pascha or the Passion, they do not use the term Easter because they did not have that particular goddess.

March 31 – Luna (Roman)


Cathar Remembrance Day, Hypatia, Montsegur, Shiva, Marduk

Hypatia, Cathars, Montsegur, Agora, divine Feminine
Hypatia, Lady Philosopher & Librarian, Great Library of Alexandria

March 10Hypatia’s Day (Greek). To fall in love with this awesome female gnostic saint, one needs only to watch this movie about her: Agora

March 11 – Hercules Day
– Great Night of Shiva, Vigil and feast for Transcendence

March 12 – Feast of Marduk (Mesopotamian – which is modern-day Iraq and Syria)

March 14  – Cathar Remembrance Day. On March 16 their last fortress fell, but March 14 is a Cathar holy day and on that last March 14, 1244, they performed a special Easter Rite (it was also Easter that year).  Two days later they were burnt alive by the Church of Rome, a day — March 16 — also remembered by modern gnostics called Montsegur Day (see below).

– Roman Equirria – Horse race dedicated to Mars.

March 14 – 18 Holi-Hindu Festival – celebrating the courting of God Shiva by Goddess Parvati, and the efforts on Her behalf by Kama (God of Love) and Rati (Goddess of Passion). Hindus believe all Gods and Goddesses are aspects of the one Great God-Goddess Maha Deva-Maha Devi, the limitless, attributeless, immanent, and transcendent Brahman. Shaivas are devoted to God Shiva in all His aspects.

March 15 – Ides of March (Roman)
– Rhea’s Day (Greek)
– Holiday of Cybele (Anatolian, Roman)

March 15-27 Phrygian Festival of Cybele and Attis – Goddess of Earth/Wild Animals and God of Vegetation, Death and Rebirth

March 16 – Montsegur Day, Gnostic holy remembrance day of the slain Cathar gnostics burned at the stake on this day in 1244 A.D.
– Dionysos’ Festival (Greek)
– Bacchus’ Day (Roman)

March 17 –  St. Patrick’s Day – Old European festival marking rebirth of the Green Man / Green George (God as Deciduous Vegetation); merged with the Christian feast of St. Patrick.
– Festival of Astarte – Celebrating the Canaanite Holy Land Goddess of Love
– Liberalia (Roman)


Archangel Gabriel as Female Angel Gabrielle

Archangel Gabriel is depicted here as his female counterpart, the little known Gabrielle (or Gabriella). Every angel has two parts, male and female, just like the Divine Godhead. Or you could look at it this way: God can be related to as beyond gender or as both male and female, or as Divine Source, beyond all gender, but from whom all genders radiate. The angels come in pairs, male and female made he them, just like “he” made humans.

Archangel Gabriel has male and female counterparts
Traditional male form of Gabriel

Click to see picture of Female Archangel Gabriel bronze statue on Amazon
Here is the Male Version of Archangel Gabriel (pictured)

The Archangels are the captains of all the angels, having been created as the foremost hierarchs in the angelic kingdom. They are majestic beings who personify divine attributes and are at the service of the mankind of earth. They work tirelessly to defeat evil and promote good. Archangel Gabriel, who’s name means “Hero of God,” is the bearer of GOOD NEWS as the voice of God. This archangel is a messenger who whispers in our ear of coming events, changes, and opportunities for new experiences He restores life and light into stagnant areas of your life such as relationships, businesses, households, etc.  Although angelic beings are genderless, Gabriel is the only Archangel who has occasionally appeared in a distinctly female form. This bronze look statue of Archangel Gabriel in female form has hand-painted accents, and shows exquisite detail. Gabriel stands prepared for battle, with removable sword in hand. The statue is 12 1/2 inches tall, 8 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Made of cold cast resin, it has the look and feel of bronze.This statue makes a great gift for family and friends. It is brand new, never displayed. We have a limited number of these, so don’t miss out.


March Esoteric Holidays

Juno officiate marriage each year
Marriage Goddess Juno annually blesses each sacred marriage as long as a gift and praise are exchanged

March 1 – Roman New Year, also called Matronalia, the Kalends of March. The word “Mother” is the root of Matronalia and it was a sort of mother’s day and sacred marriage day to ancient Romans. Men would give gifts to wives & mothers. When a man presented the gift to his wife on this day, she would then praise her husband as part of an annual repeat of the marriage ceremony. Women would take flowers and incense to the temple of Mother Goddess Juno Lucina in honor of its construction on March 1st, 375 B.C.
–  St. David’s Day

March 1-2 Mahashivaratri – Hindu fast, night vigil, and feast for God-Goddess Shiva-Shakti (union of Will and Power), who dances to create, destroy, and re-create the universe. Tantric Hindus believe Shiva is within all men and Shakti within all women; they recognize gender equality and reject caste.

March 2 – Holy Wells’ Day (Norse)

March 3 – Aegir’s Day (Teutonic)
– Japanese Doll Festival

March 4 – Feast of Rhiannon (Welsh)
– Egyptian Day
– Anthesteria (Greek)
– Mothering Day (English)

March 5 – Navigium Isidis – Old Egyptian festival honoring Goddess Isis as Lady of the Moon and Ruler of the Sea; celebrated with the launching of a boat of offerings.
–   Purim 2015, the day Esther saved her people from genocide. Let’s think of others in the world presently at risk of genocide, such as the middle eastern Christians

March 6 – Mars Day, Mars if the god this month gets its name from
– Alamo Day. “Remember the Alamo!”

March 7 – Bird and Arbor Day

March 8-9 Feast of Old Greek Goddess Artemis (Roman Diana) – as protector of wild animals and vegetation

March 8 – Birthday of Mother Earth (Chinese)
– International Women’s Day (esotericists often observe this day by reading poetry, wearing beautiful purple and/or red hats…)

March 9 – Mother Goddess Day, Honoring all Mother Goddesses
–  Feast of the 40 Martyrs (Greek) also called 40 Saints Day
–  Celebration of Aphrodite and Adonis (Greek), a Sacred Marriage