March Esoteric Holidays

Juno officiate marriage each year
Marriage Goddess Juno annually blesses each sacred marriage as long as a gift and praise are exchanged

March 1 – Roman New Year, also called Matronalia, the Kalends of March. The word “Mother” is the root of Matronalia and it was a sort of mother’s day and sacred marriage day to ancient Romans. Men would give gifts to wives & mothers. When a man presented the gift to his wife on this day, she would then praise her husband as part of an annual repeat of the marriage ceremony. Women would take flowers and incense to the temple of Mother Goddess Juno Lucina in honor of its construction on March 1st, 375 B.C.
–  St. David’s Day

March 1-2 Mahashivaratri – Hindu fast, night vigil, and feast for God-Goddess Shiva-Shakti (union of Will and Power), who dances to create, destroy, and re-create the universe. Tantric Hindus believe Shiva is within all men and Shakti within all women; they recognize gender equality and reject caste.

March 2 – Holy Wells’ Day (Norse)

March 3 – Aegir’s Day (Teutonic)
– Japanese Doll Festival

March 4 – Feast of Rhiannon (Welsh)
– Egyptian Day
– Anthesteria (Greek)
– Mothering Day (English)

March 5 – Navigium Isidis – Old Egyptian festival honoring Goddess Isis as Lady of the Moon and Ruler of the Sea; celebrated with the launching of a boat of offerings.
–   Purim 2015, the day Esther saved her people from genocide. Let’s think of others in the world presently at risk of genocide, such as the middle eastern Christians

March 6 – Mars Day, Mars if the god this month gets its name from
– Alamo Day. “Remember the Alamo!”

March 7 – Bird and Arbor Day

March 8-9 Feast of Old Greek Goddess Artemis (Roman Diana) – as protector of wild animals and vegetation

March 8 – Birthday of Mother Earth (Chinese)
– International Women’s Day (esotericists often observe this day by reading poetry, wearing beautiful purple and/or red hats…)

March 9 – Mother Goddess Day, Honoring all Mother Goddesses
–  Feast of the 40 Martyrs (Greek) also called 40 Saints Day
–  Celebration of Aphrodite and Adonis (Greek), a Sacred Marriage

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