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Become Clergy, Connect Humans to the Force, the Source!

Become an ordained minister, Rabbi, or clergy title of your choice. There is a great need currently for faith leaders and spiritual teachers (like Yoda!, like Eckhart Tolle).

The Force exists! As ordained clergy you experience The Force in your life, where it has always been, and you guide others to experience it. Mankind has known of The Force, the Source, the Logos, for literally thousands of years. Even the Bible teaches the Force, calling it the Logos, which in Greek means “unifying creative Force of reason / consciousness”. Philo of Alexandria, a Jewish philosopher who lived right before the time of Christ, taught the Logos, too. Philo was a hero because he went to Rome and talked Caligula out of placing a statue of himself inside the Temple.

Eckhart Tolle is one of our favorite spiritual teachers. He combines esoteric Christianity with Buddhism and all the world’s ancient wisdom teachings. He is truly interfaith and eclectic. Are you? Do others turn to you asking for spiritual guidance, advice? Eckhart Tolle is one of a long line of wisdom teachers going back to the ancient past but also into the future — becaues his teachings are like Yoda’s (!)

Here at the Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. we have been ordaining ministers, Rabbis, Chaplains, Priests, etc. for over two decades. You are legal in all 50 states to officiate weddings, can file your taxes as a member of the clergy, and are afforded the clergy – parishioner privilege the same as attorney-client privilege.

Suicide rates are up, especially among teens. The rising generation, Generation Z, is confused and unable to imagine a successful future for themselves. They are told religion is bad, but feel the void of no spirituality in their lives. Older generations are feeling this void, this yearning for existential meaning, also. This desire for spiritual meaning is why Star Wars and other archetypal living myth type movies are so popular.

Our goal has been to place alternative non-denominational clergy into every town in the USA. We have ordained thousands over the years from all walks of life. Once ordained by us, you are instantly eligible to join our free alumni network.

If you have ever felt “the CALL”, called to serve the people around you, now is the time to answer! Read here how to become ordained in three quick steps.

Answering the Call to Ordination

Today someone wrote in saying she didn’t think she was worthy to be ordained. She is basically already working as clergy in her community, she just lacks legal ordination. Yet she feels “unworthy” and full of flaws. I explained to her how much the country (and the world) needs alternative clergy like her, and that there is no place for self-guilt-tripping when we have much work to do, many souls to care for!

Then I directed her to the old saying “God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the Called” and the image (see below) someone posted to our forum several years ago.The Call to Ordination If you feel called to become a Minister, Rabbi, Chaplain, or even a Priest with Apostolic Succession, NOW is the time.


Become a Spiritual Counselor with a PhD in Pastoral or Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling Healing DegreeDuring the Holiday season spiritual counselors are in high demand

This time of year spiritual counselors are constantly called upon to lift the spirits of the lonely and disenfranchised. So many people suffer from Holiday depression. Become a counselor and reach out.  A Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Healing or Pastoral Counseling may be your calling. With a doctorate degree from the Seminary you can start bettering lives by offering online, in person or telephone counseling services.

Is Spiritual Counseling your Calling?

Each degree from us comes with free clergy ordination. You become a spiritual counselor with Dr. in front of your name and also receive the minister, rabbi, pastor, reverend, etc. title of your choice. The ordination gives you client-clergy privilege and the ability to legally accept tax-free donations for your services. The doctorate degree gives you the credentials you need to lend reassurance to those who come to you for counseling, wisdom and spiritual guidance, life coaching, spiritual healing, etc.

Become part of our global Clergy Network

Once you become ordained you are part of our network and can join our member’s only forums. Here is a tidbit we posted the other day for our clergy members: Oprah’s website has a video of spiritual teachers and clergy giving their opinion of the most comforting 3-word phrases you can say. Some examples are “Treat yourself gently,” and “I hear ya.”

One of the clergy they interviewed says three words are not enough, five is better: “You don’t have to pretend”.  These are good little tips for the ordained clergy to keep in mind during the holiday season when ironically we are called upon more than ever for spiritual and pastoral counseling.


For information on getting your Ph.D. in Metaphysics, Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling, Pastoral Counseling, Spiritual Healing, or other customized Ph.D. title go here.

For more information on a Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Theology or Doctor of Ministry degree click here.

Cruise Ship Clergy Officiate Weddings at Sea, Ordained Minister, Priest, Chaplain

Ordained Minister or Priest Officiate Wedding on Cruise ShipOrdained Minister to Officiate Weddings at Sea

One of our ordained ministers is embarking soon on a cruise ship and needs a Letter of Good Standing from us to serve as clergy.  He will offer spiritual services during the cruise to passengers and crew, officiate a wedding or two, and even distribute Communion.  While preparing his special letter, we came across this nifty priesthood manual for priests who have a full-time ministry on a cruise ship.

Apostleship of the Sea Cruise Ship Manual for Priests

Looks pretty interesting. What a cool job to have.

Clergy Ordination Assures Confidentiality Protection With Spiritual Counseling

The clergy confidentiality protection is very reassuring to those you counsel

ordination, ordained, clergy protection, confidentiality

Ordained Clergy give spiritual counseling with full confidentiality protection

A minister we ordained this week (2016) just wrote in:

“Thank you for the update on my ordination papers. I can tell you I am very relieved now that my [spiritual counseling] work will go ahead without questioning [by authorities].   Just today someone wanted to know what it was I offer. As soon as I told them I was ordained and anything we speak about is completely confidential, you could see an ease come over them.”

Clergy have been spiritual advisers for not just centuries, but millennia (!). There is a reason human beings keep coming to ordained clergy for guidance. Peace of mind and assurance of confidentiality are basic human rights, sadly not available in so many countries, where religion is used as a weapon, not a protection.

Ordination as a Minister

Ordination as a minister, Rabbi, pastor (or other clergy) provides total confidentiality when offering spiritual counseling, spiritual advising or spiritual healing. It gives peace of mind and assurance to those you help.

Get ordained and join the alternative clergy movement to serve your community

Pope’s Visit increased interest in our Priesthood Ordination Programs, women & men ordained here!

Jesus ordained disciple as priestThe Pope’s visit to the United States caused a sudden increase of interest in our priesthood ordination. The Seminary ordains both women and men to the sacred priesthood. Our bishops have full Apostolic Succession.

Too bad the official Roman Catholic Church has not come around to ordaining women priests, they are still sticks in the mud about that, and don’t allow priests to marry. But our liberal catholic church, part of the Independent Sacramental Movement (known as the ISM) does indeed ordain women and men, and celibacy is not required — just as it was not required in Jesus’ early church.

We also ordain “regular” ministers, pastors and chaplains, such as Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Minister, etc.  Ministerial ordination is much quicker than priesthood ordination.

P.S. I thought it was a sad today that metal detectors had to quickly be installed at every Central Park entrance due to fears of terrorism during the Pope’s visit. Bummed me out thinking of Central Park — such a world famous place, a family fun place, filmed in so many movies — with metal detectors and long lines of people taking off their belts and cellphones. I guess baby carriages and strollers won’t be allowed in now? Hopefully they will take them down after the Papal visit ends.



The Ordained Minister, Rabbi or Priest Serves Like Angels at Heaven’s Altar and Connect Couple to Heaven when Officiate a Wedding

officiate marriage same-sex weddingThe Ordained Minister, Rabbi or Priest serve at the “altar” before the Divine, just like Angels do at heaven’s altar. Such clergy also help a couple getting married to connect, to uplink, with the Divine when they properly officiate their marriage / perform a wedding.

Judaism and Christianity both teach that altar servers, be they ordained as a minister or rabbi here on earth are counterparts to “the host of angels that attend to the Heavenly banquet.”

The Greek Bible (New Testament) shows us scenes of angels standing before the altar in heaven, holding a golden incense burner, officiating as a priest or minister. I wonder if angels ever officiate a wedding, perhaps a sacred marriage at the heavenly altar?

Clergy Can Perform a Wedding in a Special Way

An esoteric teaching regarding weddings is if the minister or Rabbi will perform the wedding just right, in accordance with their faith tradition’s mysteries both inner and outer, then the couple standing under the huppah (Judaism) or at the altar or before the clergy-person, are transported to the heavenly altar and the Divine enters into the marriage with them.

Couples want an Ordained Minister or Rabbi, not a secular officiant

This is of course the whole reason people want an ordained minister or Rabbi to perform their wedding in the first place and not just a civic authority, justice of the peace, or someone with no spiritual inclincation.  There is a spiritual element to a marriage, and the vast majority of couples worldwide know this instinctively and seek out clergy to help them connect with the Divine on their special day.

Become Ordained and Officiate Weddings in all 50 States

We have been ordaining ministers, Rabbis, priests and multi-faith interfaith clergy of all kinds for over 25 years. Our ordained clergy perform weddings nearly every day — at least somewhere in the USA.

Minister Asked to Perform a Same-Sex Marriage

We have been ordaining ministers, rabbis and other clergy (both gay and straight) for decades as part of our church and seminary’s mission to provide compassionate, skilled, spiritually nurturing alternative clergy to every community.

ordained same-sex marriage perform officiate gay wedding LGBT minister clergyAlternative clergy is one thing, but what about alternative lifestyles? One of our recent ordained ministers asked what the Esoteric Interfaith Church’s policy is regarding gay marriage, aka same-sex marriage. He has been asked to officiate a same-sex wedding next month.

The church has always believed that ordination does not mean we control your every move, in fact we encourage autonomy and the founding of your own church. If you are asked to officiate a same-sex wedding in a state where it is legal, that is fine. As long as you are not breaking the laws of the land, you are in good standing with the church / seminary. But what about the laws of the Bible?, some have asked.

Doesn’t the Judeo-Christian Bible say homosexuality is an abomination? How can a church or synagogue allow gay marriages to be officiated and claim to follow the Bible?

Below are some links proving that the Bible does NOT condemn homosexuality, does not call it an abomination. As you read the proof, keep in mind these facts from the scientific and medical fields:

Some animal species have homosexual members (swans, wolves, penguins), proving it occurs naturally in God’s Creation.  Only 5 to 7% of humans are homosexual and this rareness leads to humanity’s complete misunderstanding of it.

Homosexuality sometimes runs in families, as LGBT people will tell you.  Science has proven it has genetic elements. Just google “gay gene”.

Teenagers and pre-teens who have never been sexually active realizing they’re gay when they constantly have crushes on members of their same gender proves humans are born with their sexual orientation. It is not a “learned” behavior.

Here are the links:

The Bible Does NOT Condemn Homosexuality

Six Reasons Why Christians Should Embrace Same-Sex Relationships
The Bible & Homosexuality on Wikipedia


Get Ordained for Wedding Season, Earn your Seminary Degree during 2015 Graduation Season

Wedding Season 2015 is here! Busy time for Ordained Clergy

officiate marriage same-sex weddingWedding Season started early this year — in April instead of late May. We have done several ordinations this month for people who have been asked to perform a marriage. Two became an ordained minister, one we ordained as a rabbi, and another needed to become a chaplain. We do all the paperwork, and the new clergy member is legal to perform marriages / weddings in all 50 states. One newly ordained minister will likely officiate a same-sex wedding / marriage, next month, he says, which is now legal in his state so we don’t have a problem with it.  If you need speedy and legal ordination so that you can start your ministry or wedding service, we can help you immediately. Just follow the steps on the Ordination Page and get ordained today. Rabbis have a separate ordination page, at the Seminary Rabbi Center. Credentials are shipped out within 24 hours if you have a wedding, we can even scan and email a copy to you immediately. We also help you on the day of the wedding to complete the clergy section of the marriage license brought to you by the bride and groom.

The Season to Graduate with a Religious Seminary Degree

PhD in Pastoral Spiritual Counseling, Doctor of Divinity Degree onlineThis is also the time of year for graduation ceremonies. The Seminary is bestowing several degrees in April, May and June, perfect graduation dates! We are conferring a Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling, a Doctor of Divinity, a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling and a Doctor of Theology.

And oh yes, a Ph.D. in Metaphysics,

one of our more popular degrees — many people feel called to become metaphysicians and serve their community with a spiritual healing / counseling practice.

Mustn’t Forget the Seminary Masters and Bachelors degree candidates

who will get their degrees this week, including one whose family is hosting a graduation ceremony for him at home with cap and gown and the works. His wife will present the diploma from us during the ceremony.

Get Your Religious, Spiritual Seminary Degree Immediately

If you want to graduate this month there is still plenty of time! Just follow the steps on the Ph.D. page or the Doctorate Degree page. Masters and Bachelors degrees.

Third of Ordained Clergy are Obese

Holy heftiness: One-third of clergy members are obese, study finds

Overweight officiants are becoming the norm, Baylor University researchers said. But sabbaticals, days off and support groups can keep these overworked, underpaid members of society slim.

Read the above article here

Become an ordained minister rabbi priest pastor and wear this feminine clergy fashion

Esther Clergy Blouse from

Of all the ordained ministers, pastors, priests, rabbis, and other ordained clergy we work with, I cannot think of any that are obese!  I have ordained many in my time, three already this year. Maybe if you are an alternative interfaith minister (like those who come to us for ordination!) you do not “fit” the mold. The woman wearing this awesome clergy blouse is definitely not obese.

Other interesting headlines from this new study:

Portly pastors: Study finds over a third of America’s clergy are obese due to stress, long hours  Read Article on Washington Times

Portly Pastors Widespread, but Sabbaticals and Peer Support Can Help Fight Fat, Baylor Study Finds Read More at Baylor Univ