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Answering the Call to Ordination

Today someone wrote in saying she didn’t think she was worthy to be ordained. She is basically already working as clergy in her community, she just lacks legal ordination. Yet she feels “unworthy” and full of flaws. I explained to her how much the country (and the world) needs alternative clergy like her, and that there is no place for self-guilt-tripping when we have much work to do, many souls to care for!

Then I directed her to the old saying “God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the Called” and the image (see below) someone posted to our forum several years ago.The Call to Ordination If you feel called to become a Minister, Rabbi, Chaplain, or even a Priest with Apostolic Succession, NOW is the time.


Cruise Ship Clergy Officiate Weddings at Sea, Ordained Minister, Priest, Chaplain

Ordained Minister or Priest Officiate Wedding on Cruise ShipOrdained Minister to Officiate Weddings at Sea

One of our ordained ministers is embarking soon on a cruise ship and needs a Letter of Good Standing from us to serve as clergy.  He will offer spiritual services during the cruise to passengers and crew, officiate a wedding or two, and even distribute Communion.  While preparing his special letter, we came across this nifty priesthood manual for priests who have a full-time ministry on a cruise ship.

Apostleship of the Sea Cruise Ship Manual for Priests


Looks pretty interesting. What a cool job to have.

Clergy Ordination Assures Confidentiality Protection With Spiritual Counseling

The clergy confidentiality protection is very reassuring to those you counsel

ordination, ordained, clergy protection, confidentiality

Ordained Clergy give spiritual counseling with full confidentiality protection

A minister we ordained this week (2016) just wrote in:

“Thank you for the update on my ordination papers. I can tell you I am very relieved now that my [spiritual counseling] work will go ahead without questioning [by authorities].   Just today someone wanted to know what it was I offer. As soon as I told them I was ordained and anything we speak about is completely confidential, you could see an ease come over them.”

Clergy have been spiritual advisers for not just centuries, but millennia (!). There is a reason human beings keep coming to ordained clergy for guidance. Peace of mind and assurance of confidentiality are basic human rights, sadly not available in so many countries, where religion is used as a weapon, not a protection.

Ordination as a Minister

Ordination as a minister, Rabbi, pastor (or other clergy) provides total confidentiality when offering spiritual counseling, spiritual advising or spiritual healing. It gives peace of mind and assurance to those you help.

Get ordained and join the alternative clergy movement to serve your community

Third of Ordained Clergy are Obese

Holy heftiness: One-third of clergy members are obese, study finds

Overweight officiants are becoming the norm, Baylor University researchers said. But sabbaticals, days off and support groups can keep these overworked, underpaid members of society slim.

Read the above article here

Become an ordained minister rabbi priest pastor and wear this feminine clergy fashion

Esther Clergy Blouse from houseofilona.com

Of all the ordained ministers, pastors, priests, rabbis, and other ordained clergy we work with, I cannot think of any that are obese!  I have ordained many in my time, three already this year. Maybe if you are an alternative interfaith minister (like those who come to us for ordination!) you do not “fit” the mold. The woman wearing this awesome clergy blouse is definitely not obese.

Other interesting headlines from this new study:

Portly pastors: Study finds over a third of America’s clergy are obese due to stress, long hours  Read Article on Washington Times

Portly Pastors Widespread, but Sabbaticals and Peer Support Can Help Fight Fat, Baylor Study Finds Read More at Baylor Univ


Definition of Ordination and to be Ordained

I have been trying to find the ancient definition of the word “ordination” and “ordained” that I once read. I read years ago that ordination is a word that meant in ancient Hebrew “to have the [divine] tools of God’s work placed in your hands.”

Become ordained minister by laying on of handsOur other bishop here at the seminary sent me a link to Archbishop Campbell’s website. ++Campbell says this about ordination:

“Finally, let me stress that neither the Bible nor the law requires laying on of hands for legitimate or legal ordination. Policy on minister ordination…allows for ordination by a variety of methods…however all methods of ordination will follow and be in an apostolic manner upholding the historic lines of apostolic succession.

(Note: In Acts 14:23 the word “appointed” or “ordained” can mean (1)
to stretch out the hand, (2) to appoint [ordain] by show of hands or (3) to
appoint or elect [or ordain] without regard to the method. Source: NIV Study