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Cruise Ship Clergy Officiate Weddings at Sea, Ordained Minister, Priest, Chaplain

Ordained Minister or Priest Officiate Wedding on Cruise ShipOrdained Minister to Officiate Weddings at Sea

One of our ordained ministers is embarking soon on a cruise ship and needs a Letter of Good Standing from us to serve as clergy.  He will offer spiritual services during the cruise to passengers and crew, officiate a wedding or two, and even distribute Communion.  While preparing his special letter, we came across this nifty priesthood manual for priests who have a full-time ministry on a cruise ship.

Apostleship of the Sea Cruise Ship Manual for Priests


Looks pretty interesting. What a cool job to have.

Third of Ordained Clergy are Obese

Holy heftiness: One-third of clergy members are obese, study finds

Overweight officiants are becoming the norm, Baylor University researchers said. But sabbaticals, days off and support groups can keep these overworked, underpaid members of society slim.

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Become an ordained minister rabbi priest pastor and wear this feminine clergy fashion

Esther Clergy Blouse from houseofilona.com

Of all the ordained ministers, pastors, priests, rabbis, and other ordained clergy we work with, I cannot think of any that are obese!  I have ordained many in my time, three already this year. Maybe if you are an alternative interfaith minister (like those who come to us for ordination!) you do not “fit” the mold. The woman wearing this awesome clergy blouse is definitely not obese.

Other interesting headlines from this new study:

Portly pastors: Study finds over a third of America’s clergy are obese due to stress, long hours  Read Article on Washington Times

Portly Pastors Widespread, but Sabbaticals and Peer Support Can Help Fight Fat, Baylor Study Finds Read More at Baylor Univ