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Clergy Ordination Assures Confidentiality Protection With Spiritual Counseling

The clergy confidentiality protection is very reassuring to those you counsel

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Ordained Clergy give spiritual counseling with full confidentiality protection

A minister we ordained this week (2016) just wrote in:

“Thank you for the update on my ordination papers. I can tell you I am very relieved now that my [spiritual counseling] work will go ahead without questioning [by authorities].   Just today someone wanted to know what it was I offer. As soon as I told them I was ordained and anything we speak about is completely confidential, you could see an ease come over them.”

Clergy have been spiritual advisers for not just centuries, but millennia (!). There is a reason human beings keep coming to ordained clergy for guidance. Peace of mind and assurance of confidentiality are basic human rights, sadly not available in so many countries, where religion is used as a weapon, not a protection.

Ordination as a Minister

Ordination as a minister, Rabbi, pastor (or other clergy) provides total confidentiality when offering spiritual counseling, spiritual advising or spiritual healing. It gives peace of mind and assurance to those you help.

Get ordained and join the alternative clergy movement to serve your community