House Blessing Ceremonies for Interfaith and Multi-Faith

One of our ordained ministers is doing a house blessing this weekend, so we sent her these interfaith, multi-faith ceremonies.

How to Bless a House. Several methods with pictures:

Nice Feng Shui spiritual house blessing that I have used:

Navajo House Blessing:

2 thoughts on “House Blessing Ceremonies for Interfaith and Multi-Faith

  1. Larry King

    I am interested in your mystery school but I cannot get into it from your website. Nothing loads. I didn’t know if you were aware of this or not. Most of the pages on your website do not load. They are just blank pages.

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Larry: Someone else said the same thing. But whenever we test the website, everything loads fine. We can’t seem to make it do blank pages. We are using Chrome browser, but a staff member also checked with an Internet Explorer browser and everything worked okay. What browser are you using? Here is the Mystery School’s home page, try it again: Sorry for the malfunctionings!


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