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Become Clergy, Connect Humans to the Force, the Source!

Become an ordained minister, Rabbi, or clergy title of your choice. There is a great need currently for faith leaders and spiritual teachers (like Yoda!, like Eckhart Tolle).

The Force exists! As ordained clergy you experience The Force in your life, where it has always been, and you guide others to experience it. Mankind has known of The Force, the Source, the Logos, for literally thousands of years. Even the Bible teaches the Force, calling it the Logos, which in Greek means “unifying creative Force of reason / consciousness”. Philo of Alexandria, a Jewish philosopher who lived right before the time of Christ, taught the Logos, too. Philo was a hero because he went to Rome and talked Caligula out of placing a statue of himself inside the Temple.

Eckhart Tolle is one of our favorite spiritual teachers. He combines esoteric Christianity with Buddhism and all the world’s ancient wisdom teachings. He is truly interfaith and eclectic. Are you? Do others turn to you asking for spiritual guidance, advice? Eckhart Tolle is one of a long line of wisdom teachers going back to the ancient past but also into the future — becaues his teachings are like Yoda’s (!)

Here at the Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. we have been ordaining ministers, Rabbis, Chaplains, Priests, etc. for over two decades. You are legal in all 50 states to officiate weddings, can file your taxes as a member of the clergy, and are afforded the clergy – parishioner privilege the same as attorney-client privilege.

Suicide rates are up, especially among teens. The rising generation, Generation Z, is confused and unable to imagine a successful future for themselves. They are told religion is bad, but feel the void of no spirituality in their lives. Older generations are feeling this void, this yearning for existential meaning, also. This desire for spiritual meaning is why Star Wars and other archetypal living myth type movies are so popular.

Our goal has been to place alternative non-denominational clergy into every town in the USA. We have ordained thousands over the years from all walks of life. Once ordained by us, you are instantly eligible to join our free alumni network.

If you have ever felt “the CALL”, called to serve the people around you, now is the time to answer! Read here how to become ordained in three quick steps.