Ordination and Doctorate Degree Ceremony

By distance learning, by “remote”, the Seminary can legally ordain you as a minister and confer upon you a religious Doctorate Degree, Ph.D., Doctor of Divinity, Theology, etc.   You submit the information and we process and ship your new clergy credentials.  And then YOU can take it to the next level as this recent graduate did (see photos below), organizing a lovely ordination ceremony and graduation ceremony complete with presentation of the diploma and laying on of hands ordination.

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2 thoughts on “Ordination and Doctorate Degree Ceremony

  1. Juliana Suparman

    I would like to know how to enroll in the seminary for the evangelism licensing, I took some courses but am unable to finish because of my financial issues, would you please let me know the requirements. Thank you so much.

  2. Patricia A. King

    I have an MDIV from Memphis Theoligical Seminary, Memphis, TN and would like to be ordained. What are your requirements? Thank you


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