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If you’ve been asked to perform a wedding for a special coupleBecome an Ordained Minister online ordination spiritual pastoral counseling practice in your life or if you have felt the Call to become an ordained minister, we can ordain you quickly and legally. Our legitimate non-profit Seminary & Church has been ordaining ministers since 1987 and our ministers perform weddings and all clergy functions in all 50 states. We are a legally incorporated religious institution and have 501c3 non-profit status with the IRS.

Start your own pastoral counseling or spiritual counseling practice with legal ordination as a minister, rabbi or other clergy title.

Our Seminary also has the authority to confer Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry degrees and the PhD in Religion, Religious Studies, PhD in Metaphysics, PhD in Pastoral Counseling via online study to those with ordination from us (or if you’ve been ordained elsewhere).

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9 thoughts on “Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. & Theological Seminary

  1. Angel Moleón García - Madrid-Spain (EU)


  2. Bud Hatfield

    My name is Bud Hatfield. I was ordained in 2011 by your organization on Oct. 8 2011. This past week, I had my brief case stolen and with that the business size card that you sent to me was stolen. I would like to see if I can get it replaced. Please let me know by email. Thanks Bud

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Rev. Hatfield. Yes, we can definitely make you a new set of ordination documents. Or it sounds like you just need the little wallet card version — you still have your full-size Certificate of Ordination? The replacement cost is only $10 for a new wallet card and it will look exactly like your original. Go to this page and order just the wallet card:

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, the Seminary verifies credentials, provides Letters of Good Standing, transcripts, etc. whenever needed by alumni.

      1. The Rev. Dr. Charles H. Mclendon, Jr. PhD.

        The Rev. Dr. Charles H. McLendon, Jr., PhD.
        I Had the original copy of my thesis stored on my computer. My computer hard drive crashed and it was lost. I submitted it in Dec., 2015. It was entitled: “An Examination of the Metaphysical Dynamics Within
        Physical and Spiritual Existence.”
        Would you please send me a copy of my thesis as a replacement for my loss?
        Respectfully, Dr. Charles H. McLendon, Jr.,PhD.
        Email: The ScottishSanta@gmail.cpm
        655 Sugar HILL LN., S.E., Conyers, Ga. 30094

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Isaac: Yes, we do offer installment plans. Just email us at seminary @ and we will set up a payment plan customized to your needs.


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