St Francis Day, Templar Day, Wisdom Sophia Feast

Sophia Goddess of Wisdom over Sofia, Bulgaria
Sophia Goddess of Wisdom presides over Sofia, Bulgaria. Notice the owl, symbol of Athena another wisdom goddess

Oct 2 – Druid Feast of the Guardian Spirits

Oct 4 – St. Francis of Assisi Day, one of the most “pagan” of the Christian saints, he coined terms “brother sun, sister moon”, and honored the covenant between humans and the animal kingdom. His mother is rumored to have been a closet Cathar heretic.

Oct 9 – 11 Feast of Divine Wisdom – Source of all knowledge, honoring God-Goddess as Odin-Frigg (Norse); and Goddess as Sophia / Wisdom (Christian), Truth / Maat (Egyptian), Metis (Greek), Sarasvati (Hindu), & Manat (Arabic-Sufi).

Oct 13, Knights Templar Remembrance Day [ <– click for more info]

Oct 18 English Great Horn Fair – Festival of Herne.

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