Esoteric April Holidays – and Easter, too

Palm Sunday – Christian feast marking Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem to teach love and justice for all humanity and to sacrifice Himself for the liberation and redemption of all.

Holy Thursday: Last Supper of Jesus – He washed the feet of His male and female disciples, gave them bread and wine as His body and blood, and told of the Paraclete (Our Mother, the Holy Spirit) who would come after Him.

Passover – Jewish festival recalling their deliverance from slavery in Egypt and celebrating freedom from oppression.

Easter Sunday – Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Read all about Easter’s esoteric meaning, Palm Sunday, etc. here:

                11 Days in Spring, Kristian Easter Cycle Events

April 1 Day of Venus – Goddess of Love vanquishes Mars, God of War, with love (Roman).

– Day of Kali – Dark Mother who liberates (Hindu).
– Loki’s Day, Norse Teutonic trickster god
– Hathor’s Day (Egyptian)

April 1-4 Iroquois Thunder Ceremony – In thanksgiving for the rains. Iroquois believe Sky Woman descended from the Sky and Created Earth.

April 2-10 Hindu Festival honoring Maha Devi as Gauri – life, growth, and fruition.

April 3  – the Ascension of Persephone
–  Buddha’s Birthday

April 4 Greek Megalesia of Cybele – Games dedicated to the Great Mother (Greek).

April 5 Roman Day of Fortuna – Goddess of Fate (Roman).

April 7-8 Feast of Greek Goddess Artemis (Roman Diana) – who represents the feminine in Nature and protects women throughout their lives.

April 8 – Zen Buddhist celebration of Buddha’s birth (563 BCE)


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