Esoteric Alternative Holy Days for first week of April, Iroquois, Hindu, Ancient Greek, Roman

Esoteric alternative occult goddess holidays
The Awakening formerly called The Return (of Persephone and of Spring) by Jonathan Earl Bowser

See the list below of esoteric alternative holidays this week.  Several are Divine Feminine holy days. We see Sky Woman, and Maha Devi, not to mention the return of Persephone, aka her ascension back from hell bringing the Return of Spring with her (pictured right). This painting used to be called simply the Return, but now it’s called the Awakening.  I like both since the latter implies a spiritual awakening alongside the physical “awakening” of the fertile mother earth.  Below are the rest of the holidays — Buddha’s birthday is cool this time of year, too.  And be ready for the Goddess of Fate day on the 5th! May Fortuna Smile Upon You, was the ancient Roman greeting…

April 1 thru 4  – Iroquois Thunder Ceremony – In thanksgiving for the rains. Iroquois believe Sky Woman descended from the Sky and Created Earth.

April 2 thru 10  – Hindu Festival honoring Maha Devi as Gauri – life, growth, and fruition.

April 3  – the Ascension of Persephone
–  Buddha’s Birthday  563 BCE (Although the Zen Buddhists celebrate his birthday on the 8th of April)

April 4  – Greek Megalesia of Cybele – Games dedicated to the Great Mother (Greek).

April 5 – Roman Day of Fortuna – Goddess of Fate (Roman).

2 thoughts on “Esoteric Alternative Holy Days for first week of April, Iroquois, Hindu, Ancient Greek, Roman”

  1. Symbols, symbols and more symbols – just a few the balanced pillars inside and outside the archway, the flower in her hand, the doves, the sun.

    Nice job with the site – blessings to all.

  2. Hi Sweet Liberty: Thanks for commenting. I really like the doves. The dove symbolizes the Divine Feminine aka Goddess. Several goddesses appear as doves such as Aphrodite and Asherah, just as gods use hawks and eagles and other “masculine” birds. God-the-Mother hovered as a dove over Yeshua’s head at his baptism in the Jordan River, letting it be known she endorsed him. Ancient people at the time knew immediately that was Mother-God hovering as a dove, but later Christian “authorities” told us that was the Holy Spirit aka Holy Ghost. Yeah, uh-huh. Well, the Holy Spirit is Feminine in Hebrew and Neuter in Latin…

    One of our seminarians who is also a Mystery School member, wrote me an email instead of commenting here:
    Rev Zoli said: The Awakening picture is breathtaking and inspiring. I am going to light a candle for Persephone’s presence tonight. I cannot tell you how continually grateful I am for Seminary and all of you.
    Blessings and much love to you all, Rev. Z

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