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Become Ordained, Get Your Doctor of Ministry D.Min. Degree

The Seminary has received several requests for the Doctor of Ministry degree this month, as well as a Doctor of Sacred Music. Both degrees are geared for people already working with a congregation either in music ministry or “regular” ministry. Some are just beginning to build a congregation, and one guy is an online pastoral counselor but instead of our Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling, he wants the Doctor of Ministry aka D.Min.  All of these degrees, even the Doctor of Sacred Music allow you to attach Rev. Dr. to the front of your name or D.Min. or Ph.D. to the end of your name. Religious degrees were the first doctorate degrees in the world and in some countries such as the U.K. they still outrank the academic degrees that copied their names. In the United Kingdom the most respected degree is the Doctor of Divinity, abbreviated D.D. or D.Div.  It is a religious doctorate degree also very useful to today’s alternative clergy.

It might be time for you to go for the Doctor of Divinity degree to enhance your work in the field of spirituality. We can help you with your career path and ordain you as a minister or Rabbi, pastor or Chaplain — whatever realm you work in. We are truly an Interfaith Seminary helping to get alternative clergy out there and working in their communities. People who understand multiple faiths and can work to bring interfaith understanding are needed now more than ever, considering the “holy wars” raging all over the world. Just today a news story says Islamic State sickos killed a Hindu priest in Bangladesh at his temple.

Alternative clergy can make a difference and are working right now today in every county of the USA, province in Canada and many countries around the world.  Come and join us!

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