PhD in Religious Studies Degree, PhD in Metaphysics diploma looks Similar

The Seminary offers distance learning religious degrees. Shown is a PhD in Religious Studies, but all the PhD degrees we confer look similar to this, including the PhD in Metaphysics, PhD in Pastoral Counseling, PhD in Religion or PhD in Spiritual Counseling.

PhD in Religious Studies Metaphysics Spiritual Counseling Religion

Your PhD Degree from the Seminary will look like this


3 thoughts on “PhD in Religious Studies Degree, PhD in Metaphysics diploma looks Similar

  1. Seminary

    We recently conferred a Ph.D. in Aesthetic Theology — the first time we’ve had someone customize their PhD in that field. Another unique one this month is, PhD in Paranormal Research, which is a first although we have granted the PhD in Parapsychology many times over the years. Also conferred a PhD in Christian Eschatology this month — a degree we rarely get asked about — such a degree title along with the current genocide of Christians in Iraq and Syria, made us wonder if the “End Times” might be nigh! Surely not…?!

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Rita: We can ordain you as a Pastor, if that is your Calling. What kind of work do you hope to be doing? How will you use your clergy ordination in your community? Some of our ordained graduates start their own churches, others set up spiritual / pastoral counseling practices. You sound like you just want to minister to your flock. We would be happy to ordain you so that you can serve your people by doing weddings, healing circles, prayer services, etc. We have payment plans if you cannot afford the entire $150 donation up front. Here is the Ordination Info Page and here is the MINISTER APPLICATION


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