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Today is Leif Erikson Day – a true Interfaith Guy who merged Viking Religion with Christianity

Leif Erikson Interfaith Viking Religion mixed with Christian discovers Vinland aka America
Leif Erikson discovers America — he named it Vinland — in 999 A.D.

October 9 is Leif Erickson Day .

Grow your beard out, act like a Viking! The Vikings beat Columbus to the “New World” by over a hundred years, so today should be the holiday, not Columbus Day! What did he name this land he discovered? Vineland.  Because of all the greenery.  Are we thus living in Vinland or Vinlandia, not America?

Leif Erikson is a cool dude because he managed to combine his father Erik the Red’s Norse Heathenism (aka Viking religion, aka Asatru) with his mother’s new Christianity.  He was a very interfaith or dual-faith guy, and we here at the NorthernWay Mystery School show people they can be dual-faith, too. See some of our courses on Viking Religion in our Teutonic (Germanic) study hall. Some lessons are mixed with primitive earliest Christianity, but many are true heathen teachings or “tru” as the Vikings say.

This link has some nifty and entertaining Leif Erikson Day tweets