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Mother Earth Day, Sophia’s Day, Beltane and more esoteric holidays

Earth Day esoteric online mystery school celtic priestess, goddess priestessApril 22 Earth Day – Day to honor the Earth and to meditate on Deity manifesting as Mother Earth
– Festival of Isthar (Babylonian)
– Feast of the Divine Couple (Japanese)
– Feast of Elaphebolia (Greek)

                  – Odin’s Day – Norse festival.

April 23        – European Festival of the Green Man, Spirit of Vegetation and Forests
– Sigurd’s Day (Germanic)

April 25    –  Holy Prophet Mani’s Day (he was born on this day in the 3rd century A.D.) Manichaeans were his followers, predecessors of modern gnostics
– Spring Festivals – Dedicated to Herne, Pan, Horned God.

Roman Robligalia – Corn Mothers (Ceres and Demeter) and Harvest.

Arbor Day – Day to honor trees, to plant trees, and to meditate on Deity manifesting as trees, such as Goddesses Helice/Willow (Greek) and Yggdrasill/Ash (Norse).

April 30 – Walpurgisnacht (Germanic)

        – Floralia Ends (Roman)

       – Beltane Begins at Sundown (Celtic, Wiccan)

       – Salus

       – St. Sophia’s Day

April 30 to May 2  –  Old Norse Feast marking the end of the dark half of the year, and beginning of the fruitful warm half of the year.

April 30 to May 2 – Beltane – three-day Celtic festival marking the arrival of summer in ancient times, celebrating Blodeuwedd (Goddess of Flowers) and Llew (Oak King, God of the Waxing Sun).