Descent of Holy Sophia, Eleusian Mysteries, September 11 Esoteric Observance

Orion's Belt is the Pyramids Orion is Osiris The Return of Isis and OsirisAug 29 – Sept 11: Return of Isis & Osiris   (star Sirius, rising Nile waters)

Sept 2 – Grape Vine Festival honoring Ariadne & Dionysus

Sept 8 – Birthday of Virgin Mary & DESCENT OF THE HOLY SOPHIA The Descent of the Holy Sophia falls on September 8th. In the Roman calendar this day celebrates the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and prefigures the sacred birth of Jesus. In the Gnostic tradition, part of Sophia returns to the aeons, to her true home, and part of her being symbolically returns to the lower regions or to earth. She comes to earth to be with us, her children, to be our consolation and the inspiration of our love. By this image we have the promise that we are not left alone in our darkness but have Sophia’s abiding presence in our lives. (from: )

Sept 9 – 11, Feast of Mother Earth (Greek, etc)

Sept 11 Remembrance Day Click to read our alternative church’s esoteric observance of this holiday — Knights Templar, Angelic Alliance

Sept 9 – 18, Greater Eleusinian Mysteries (Greek)

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