Mid-December Esoteric Holy Days

Dec 11 – Sacred to Arianrhod

Dec 12 – Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Mother of God and Mother of the Oppressed

Dec. 13 –  Feast of the Light-bringer – Honoring Goddess as Juno Lucina (Old Roman). St. Lucy’s Day (Sweden)

Dec 14 – Warriors’ Memorial, Japanese

Dec 15 – Consualia, Roman Festival of harvest & stored grain

Esoteric meaning of Hannukah Chanukah
Ancient Jewish Coin of the Maccabees

Dec 17 – Hanukkah begins (2014) Read about the esoteric meaning of Hanukkah, how it ties into Winter Solstice and the return of the Light on our Esoteric Kristmas Observance page

Dec 17 – Yoruba / Santeria feast of Orisha Babalu Aye – Healer of deadly diseases.

Dec 18 – Sacred to Epona. Feast of the Virgin of Solitude

Dec 19 – Modresnact: Norse Mothers Night Festival (part of Yule and Esoteric Kristmas)

– Ancient Roman Holiday of Opalia, fertility goddess


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