Esoteric Meaning of Easter, other April Holy Days

Easter Holidays are called “MOVABLE HOLIDAYS” because they are based on the moon’s changes and on Spring Equinox, causing the dates they fall on to change every year. This year the Easter Holy Days — the High Holy Days of Christianity — start and end all in April. (Last year we had a rare March Easter).

Technically the Easter Cycle began with Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday — the beginning of 40-days of Lent back in early March. Now we are coming out of that long journey of Lent.  Why is Lent called a “long journey?” For centuries upon centuries, beginning in ancient times, people  sacrifice something during these 40 days. Meat has been a popular thing to give up for 2000 years, but nowadays people give up things like sodas, desserts, drinking alcohol, partying, movies, etc. and instead focus on spiritual study.

Esoteric Easter Holy Days this Week:

Today is PALM SUNDAY – Christian feast marking Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem to teach love and justice for all humanity and to sacrifice Himself for the liberation and redemption of all.

HOLY THURSDAY: Last Supper of Jesus – Women, children and men attended. Yeshua / Jesus washed the feet of his students to teach them by example their duty was to BE OF SERVICE to fellow humanity, gave them bread and wine symbolizing His body and blood, the spiritual forces that would bind them together forever. Yeshua also told of the Paraclete (aka the Holy Spirit) who would come  to guide them internally after they no longer had Him physically present.  To see another painting showing men, women and children at the Last Supper, visit our page 11 Esoteric Days in Spring, The Kristian Easter Cycle Events

PASSOVER – Jewish festival recalling their deliverance from slavery in Egypt and celebrating freedom from oppression. It is connected to the Last Supper because Jesus / Yeshua, his family and students, were  celebrating Passover, having a Seder Meal, with special flat bread and wine, like Jews still celebrate it today.

EASTER SUNDAY – Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection by the power of the Holy Spirit.

GOOD FRIDAY, ANOINTING DAY, & OTHER EASTER WEEK DAYS – For in depth coverage and esoteric meanings of the entire Easter Cycle, and to follow along with our observances of the alternative Easter Holy Days, visit this page:
11 Esoteric Days in Spring, The Kristian Easter Cycle Events

Pre-Christian Holy Days in April

April 14 – Norse Festival of Sommarsblot

April 15 – Celtic Tree Month of Willow begins
– Feast of Tellus Mater (Roman)
– Festival of Ba’ast, Feast of Bast (Egyptian cat goddess)

April 16  –  St. Padarn’s Day (Celtic)
– Feast of St. George (Byzantine)

April 15-17 Feast of the Seas – Honoring God-Goddess as Olokun-Yemaya (Yoruba/Santeria) and Okeanos-Tethys (Old Greek).

April 18 – Thargelia (Greek)
-Rava Navami (Hindu)

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