Get Ordained to Officiate Weddings, We do all the paperwork

Get ordained become a minister

Certificate of Ordination from our church

Wedding season is here!  Get ordained in time to officiate marriagess, become a wedding officiant today. We take care of all the legal paperwork.

The Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. has always assisted our ordained ministers get their paperwork in line so they are able to officiate a wedding in any US State. Some States require more than the signed Certificate of Ordination from us, they require you to register first with them before you can perform the marriage.

We help you with all required paperwork.   Nevada, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Virginia and cities like New York City and Washington, D.C. require extra paperwork before the minister is allowed to officiate weddings. There are other “picky” states, too, and we help you with all of them.  Our ministers and rabbis are able to legally officiate weddings in all 50 States.

For example, we are notarizing a special Nevada affidavit to solemnize marriage for one of our ordained ministers. [Our Seminary also granted him a PhD in Religious Studies and Doctor of Divinity, but you don’t need a religious degree to legally perform a wedding.  All you need is your Certificate of Ordination such as those we give to those we ordain.]

In Nevada, the minister who wants to perform a wedding there has to fill out extra paperwork and get a notarized affidavit from us.   He was ordained as a minister and earned not only his PhD in Theology degree here, but also a Doctor of Divinity years ago. But now he wants to do weddings. So we got him all set up.

Many ministers also need to be what’s called a “visiting minister” when they officiate an out-of-state wedding. We also help with that paperwork. We just got an ordained minister in Maryland all squared away with Virginia because he will be performing a marriage as a visiting minister. We contacted the court directly, found out exactly what was needed to show the Clerk of the Court in Virginia, which is a Letter of Good Standing from us on church letterhead, copy of his credentials from us, etc.

How to Register as an Ordained Minister to Officiate Weddings in Nevada

Clark County Nevada and Washoe County both have the paperwork you need right online.  All you have to do is fill in the blanks, then print it out. We will send you the link, if you can’t find it. One page however is for us, the church that ordains you. It’s called the Affidavit of Authority to Solemnize Marriages in Nevada. The church fills our page out, gets it notarized and sends to you to submit all at once with the pages you fill out.

Get Ordained with a nationwide church that supports you

If you are thinking about getting ordained, starting your own church or wedding chapel, setting up a pastoral / spiritual counseling or healing practice, we have been helping clergy (ministers, rabbis, chaplains, priests) with their paperwork for 26 years, and have been here online since 1999.

10 thoughts on “Get Ordained to Officiate Weddings, We do all the paperwork

  1. Tim Spakowski

    I was Ordained on the 7th of December of 2006 by your Church.

    How do I make sure that I can legally perform a wedding in Missouri?

    Thank you so much!
    Tim Spakowski

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Rev. Tim:
      Sorry for not responding sooner, I thought I had answered you! You can definitely officiate a wedding in Missouri with your ordination from us, we will help you fill out the marriage license even. Email us at the seminary’s inbox (seminary “at” and we will get you all ready to go to perform that wedding. Hopefully the wedding has not already taken place! But if it has, we can still help you with the paperwork.

  2. Thomas Fredricksen

    Hi, It”s me 🙂

    As I looked at “our” website ; I wondered, am I being ordained with my Doctor of Theology? If not please help me get ordained.
    I am now in Colorado but may be moving to Taos 🙂



    1. admin Post author

      Dear Thomas: Yes, even though you are already ordained and working as a spiritual teacher, we will still be ordaining you as a minister. I think we discussed this further by email. I know you said you visited Santa Fe, New Mexico on an exploratory trip to move your spiritual organization there, but I didn’t know you were also considering Taos. Both are wonderful cities and we have ordained ministers in both. Taos has a huge interfaith multi-faith community sure to inspire any ordained minister / rabbi / Buddhist priest (!), as I am sure you know.

  3. Nicole

    I reside in NYC and i want to officiate my best friends wedding. From what I keep reading, unless I am a clergy member at the very least, I cannot officiate weddings in NYC. I also keep reading that although many states recognize online certification, NYC does not recognize the online ones. Is this correct?

  4. Rev. Dr. Kai Kafferly

    Hello, I am Rev. Dr. Kai Kafferly, ordained and doctored in Religious Studies by this wonderful Seminary. I know that you also have an online course we can take in order to receive transcripts from you at an additional charge. Could you please tell me how I can go about completing that course and the fees?

    I also noticed that I am not listed in your member directory for the Southeast. Could you please explain?

    Thank you so very much for your work. God bless!

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Rev. Dr. Kai: Good to hear from you! Did you write and submit your entry for the Member Directory? Email us at and we will give you instructions how to submit your entry AND instructions how to order a transcript.


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