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Mar 2007
Today he said Jerusalem O Jerusalem
Posted in What Sunday School won't teach by Katia at 10:39 am | No Comments »

Hail all ye initiates of the Esoteric Christian Mystery School, and friends of the School, too.  Today is the day Yeshua, Magdalene and their group arrived at the outskirts of the holy city in preparation for the End Time.  At sunset they camped on the Mount of Olives and Yeshua sat looking down upon the golden city in the fading golden light.  “Jerusalem, O Jerusalem,” he said in one of his most poignant moments.   Follow along our Mystery School’s Easter Cycle observances (and see a nice painting of this moment) here:  http://northernway.org/school/way/eastercycle.html

Katia, Adepta Kristyana

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