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Mary as Goddess
The Main Page of this section (in case you're joining us from somewhere else)

Mary Page ~ Mary, Goddess, Mother and Saint
A very similar site!

Mary of Nazareth
An introductory lesson for Mystery School students striving for The Order of The Divine Mother

Prayers and Rites
for Mary as Goddess


Magdalene Links

The Gospel According to Mary (Magdalene)
The full surviving text. Also see other texts in this Gnostic Library.

Margaret Starbird's Magdalene Page
From the author of Woman with the Alabaster Jar and Goddess in the Gospels.

Queen of Heaven: The Life and Times of Mary Magdalene
An online novel based on ancient texts

Jesus Was Married
An interesting LDS essay

Christian & Pagan Links

Christo-Pagan Prayers
from The Northern Way's Church of The Way

Esoteric interfaith Church, Inc
Become an ordained alternative minister, alternative religions, theology degrees, PhD in mary theology

The Jewish Pagan Resource Page
A community site featuring links, discussion lists, recommended reading and more!

More Links

Feminine Divine Links

Spiral Goddess Grove
Learn more about The Goddess in many of her manifestations

Sacred Source
This is the place to find beautiful reproductions of
authentic Goddess statues and to read about their history.

Mary as Goddess: Virgin, Mother, Queen
This White Moon sister site explores Mother Mary's ties to ancient Goddesses

Books About Mary

Spiritual Path Links

The Northern Way
This site offers Celtic and Christo-Pagan information, STUDY courses, and even ordination AS CELTIC or CHRISTO-PAGAN CLERGY

Unitarian Universalist Organization
This popular church with congregations around the world
honors all religious paths and welcomes those with eclectic
spiritual practices

The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans welcomes
both groups and individuals

Astrology Links

The White Moon's Weekly Tarot Zodiac
A free horoscope cast with Tarot cards, updated every Monday morning.

Brezsny's Free Will Astrology
An unusual but highly insightful free weekly horoscope

Kelli Fox Astrology Services
Reliable Charts & Free Horoscopes

Birth Moon
See what the moon looked like the day you were born!

Star Almanac
Find out what's happening in the heavens

Tarot & Dream Links

Goddess Tarot
Offers automated one-card readings from this beautiful deck

Working with the Tarot: Angel Paths
Another excellent study site for the Thoth deck.

Buy Tarot Decks Online
Through this huge site

aeclectic tarot
Sample cards and reviews of more than 200 Tarot decks including rare decks

The Dream Journal
A on-online dreaming community. Post your dream or read another's.

Behind the Name
Look up the signifIcance behind your name.

Webmaster Links

If you don't yet have a website, or are still building the site you have, these links will help you create webpages for free:

Form Mail
Free forms, easy as 1-2-3

The Free Site
All things free! Graphics, guestbooks & everything in between,
this site provides links, ratings, and reviews of the very best of
the free web

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