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This is a resource page for those who blend "something Christian" with something from The Old Religion in their spiritual practice. Many people believe that Yeshua/Jesus studied with the Essene fathers in the desert learning mysticism and natural magick: the magickal properties of plants and stones, the arts of divination and meditation. Many believe that "The Way" that Yeshua taught his disciples (both male and female) likely contained these mystical elements.

Others believe that Yeshua was married to Mary of Bethany, the Magdalene, and honor this Bride of Christ as The Goddess of Christianity. (Some look to Mother Mary, Sophia, or Asherah as Christian Goddesses as well.) Still others believe that The Christ Presence is transcendent of all religions, as are Mother Mary, the Saints, and Angels.

Whether you are a Christo-Pagan, a Christian Witch, a Goddess-Seeking Christian, or a Mage who calls upon Saints, Angels, and/or Christian Deities in your mystical and magickal workings, we welcome you.

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Recommended Discussion Lists

If you are interested in discussing these subjects with others, the following email discussion lists are recommended. These lists all have 1000+ members.



Western Mysteries

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Ordination and Study

If you are seeking to be ordained as a minister in a path that honors the Feminine Divine, ordination through The Order of The White Moon is now available, once a 15-month training course is completed. If you walk a more eclectic path or have already received training elsewhere, we highly recommend ordination through The Esoteric Theological Seminary. The fees are quite reasonable, and several online spiritual courses are also offered through their Esoteric Christian Mystery School.

Although state laws vary, these ordinations are legal. Your actions after ordination determine whether or not you are federally recognized as a minister for tax purposes.

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WebRing Requirements

In order to be added to The Cauldron and The Cross WebRing, your site must contain "something Christian" blended with something magickal, mystical, or pagan.

You must place your webring on the page that contains the above content. Please do not direct visitors to a page of webrings.

You site must reflect tolerance of all spiritual paths and must NOT contain anything vengeful, slanderous, vulgar, or pornographic.

Feel free to display any of these graphics on your site once you join.

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