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The Equal-Armed cross is one of the most ancient symbols known to man.  Draw a circle and put a cross in it, and you have just signed the Planet Mother's signature. Indeed, the circle with the cross is the symbol used by astrologers to represent the earth in all their charts. Ancient people would stand in the sun, arms flung out to their sides, just to study the play of light and shadow this stance projected onto the ground. And so the has also been called the solar wheel.

The symbolism is ancient, profound and so darn basic.  The vertical bar coming down, as the Divine comes down and becomes human.  The cross bar stretching to the ends of the Universe, bringing together all those pesky pairs of opposites like Female/Male, Cold/Hot, Negative/Positive, Nasty/Nice, West/East.

Cleopatra by Vincent SegrellesSome say the Order of the Rose Cross stretches back through history to the Egyptian City of Alexandria (Cleopatra's capital) where Alexander the Great's favorite general (Ptolemy) built the most remarkable library of all time.  

The Great Library of Alexandria.  The occult mysteries were born there......   Sages, wisemen, mages, physicians, sorcerers, scholars, astrologers, philosophers, all went to Alexandria from all over the world.  It had the largest number of books on the planet.  Every thing from Tarot to modern surgery to Euclid's geometry started out here.  

When Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt they stayed with the large Jewish community in Alexandria. The Jews worked as scholars for the new Egyptian dynasty, the Greek Ptolemies.  The child Yeshua would encountered many of the world's scholars and magicians of the day.  Perhaps they even gave him a few lessons.  No one knows how long the holy family stayed in the great city of Alexandria, but the book of Matthew implies that is was right up until the time of Yeshua's twelfth year when he is found teaching in the Jewish Temple.  Perhaps he was telling the Jerusalem scholars and priests some of the esoteric teachings he had learned in the great cosmopolitan library.

The Rose Cross Order

If you look up Rosicrucian in the dictionary you get a tidy historical definition.  Many groups claim to be THE Rosicrucians, descending directly from the original Order of the Rose Cross, managing to stay alive in secrecy during the persecution times of the Dark Ages and Christian Revival eras.  Some of their claims are dubious, but then, as Master Yeshua said himself, "ye shall know them by their fruits."  In other words, if a Mystery School or Order produces good fruits, good Initiates grounded in the ancient teachings, rituals and secret knowledge-----who cares how unbroken or illustrious their lineage is.


What is a Rosicrucian?

 To answer the question ,"What is a Rosicrucian?", we may answer, "A follower of the Rose Cross". Which, of course, begats the question,"What does that mean!?, What is the Rose Cross?". It's a good question. The symbol of the Rose Cross is a yellow or gold cross, usually equi-armed, with a red rose at its intersection.

      The Rose is symbolic of the evolving soul personality, and as such is neither an unopened bud nor a fully opened blossom. It might be said to be in the process of blooming. The red color of the Rose is symbolic of the spiritual or Divine Consciousness within us.

      For Rosicrucians the cross means (among other things) the ordeals of the human incarnation. For life experiences often include struggling and suffering. The yellow or gold color of the cross refers to the brotherhood of the Rosicrucians and its value.

      The Rosicrucians are a fraternity, a spiritual family, if you will. A spiritual family whose members are spiritually opening, growing, unfolding their consciousness in the experiences of their current incarnation. Yet the Rosicrucians are not simply a spiritual fraternity. The Rosicrucians are also an educational fraternity, who share knowledge with each other to help develop spiritual awareness and insights.

      The "modern" history of the Rosicrucian Fraternity is first noted in the 17th century in the manifestos, "Fama Fraternitatis" , "Confessio Fraternitatis" and "The Hermetic Marriage of Cristian Rosencrantz". These are the so-called the "Ancient Landmarks" of the Rosicrucians. Research of Rosicrucian history is interesting and worthwhile. Among the notable historical characters who were Rosicrucians include Francis Bacon, Robert Fludd, Rene Descarte, Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, Gottfried Leibnitz, and Claude Debussy.

    Yet when one considers the hallmarks of the Rosicrucian, ie. that a Rosicrucian is Temperate, Rational, Inquiring, Analytical, yet Mystical, Spiritual, and Perseverent.... It could be rightly said that being a Rosicrucian is spirit or state of mind, an attitude of inquiry, a search for knowledge and truth, Light, if you will. Indeed, though a Rosicrucian is a mystic, one who believes that one's consciousness can experience contact with the divine, it has often been said that a Rosicrucian is a "walking question mark".

       So, although Rosicrucians recognize Truths and Principles that can be experienced and proven by personal experience, There is NO Rosicrucian Dogma, except maybe the edict said to have been engraved above the portal of the Eleusian Temple: "Know Thyself!".   



       It's a happy time when we can welcome those seekers of the light who have found their way here, to the outer portal of the Rosicrucian Order and it's mystic mysteries. It is well you have found your way through the labyrinth of information and misinformation, a sensationalistic media and the distractions of a push-button society.

      We endeavor to share from the wealth of Rosicrucian knowledge clearly in a way that will sow seeds of knowledge that will grow within. So we will be going over the Rosicrucian teachings in a deliberate way. We think you will agree that until one has covered the essential fundamentals it is imprudent to jump ahead as if the fundamentals weren't important. Furthermore, even as we learn more and more, growing and developing, we must remember to review the basic fundamentals.

      This is a true whether speaking about an athlete who knows he must warm-up and stretch, meditate, exercise and practice, a musician who needs to breathe correctly, tune her instrument and practice running the scales and chords and playing songs, or a mystic who does her reading, breathing exercises, chants and meditates. All who seriously pursue a subject, with the intention of learning and growing must devote themselves in preparation and practice.

      The mystic needs to dedicate him/herself to self-development and attunement. To do this s/he'll be a full-time student of life, studying the natural laws and principles of the universe. Learning is a matter of discovery.

      We will be mentioning various  relevant and excellent books or websites you'll do well to explore, in fact, consider them to be assignments. However, helpful information and wisdom can be found in many places. It is hoped that in your search for knowledge you'll be learning to discriminate what is worthwhile, substantive, and relevant to you at any given time from that which is bunk and a waste of your time and money.  

      Just as the athlete knows to stretch and warm up so as not to pull a muscle, and the singer knows he must warm-up and exercise his voice or risk straining his vocal chords, so a mystic needs to stretch his/her psychic muscles. So we recommend regular meditation and adaptability to change.

      As Rosicrucians we are fraters and sorors, that is brothers and sisters, in spirit, for the Rosicrucians are a fraternity, not a hierarchy, all equal except in what stage they may be in mastering the Rosicrucian teachings or personal development through personal attunement.

The Rosicrucians recognize a trinity of universal principles: Space, Time and Mind. Of these Mind is most important because Space and Time are dependent on man's mind.

Mankind's consciousness or Mind is Dual. He has a mortal, objective, sensory,materialistic nature and a divine, subliminal,subconscious, psychic nature.

Since antiquity Rosicrucians have used geometric shapes to symbolize truths. Thus, the circle represents the Cosmic infinite intelligence, from which all emanates, and with which the inner mind or self of wo/man is always in attunement. And the equilateral triangle represents the Trinity of Principles: Time, Space, and Mind.

For a quick history of the Rosicrucians, complete with nice graphics, click here.

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