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[Slide 1. the Return] Welcome to our presentation entitled God Has a Wife! Unveiling Goddess in Judeo-Christianity, Islam and around the world. My name is Katia Romanov.

Okay. The big question is: Is God-the-Father married? Or at least have a steady relationship? A live-in lover?!

Or is he celibate. A bachelor? A single father? Did the Son of God come from a broken home? Our theme today is the Lost or exiled partner of God. And Her return, which is happening all around us.

[2 Veiled Mother of the World] You may have heard that Mary Magdalene was probably the wife of Jesus. She is the lost bride in the New Testament, the goddess hidden in the Gospels.

Well, with this slideshow we are going to get to know the Lost Wife in the other half of the Bible. The Goddess in the Old Testament.

Don't worry, we won't keep you long, and we're gonna look at lots of pretty pictures.

[3 DanBrown quote] "Two thousand years ago, we lived in a world of Gods and Goddesses. Today, we live in a world solely of Gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power." -- quote from Dan Brown, retrieved from his website.

[4 Goddess at the Gate] Question is, how and why the sacred feminine got exiled, and what we're gonna do about it. We can decide what we want our religion to be like from now on. We can fix it back.

The powers-that-be would rather you not hear about this. Our topic - restoring the feminine Divine to our spiritual lives - threatens the power-hold of all three desert religions...

[5 Abrahamic Religions] All three had goddesses and all three would rather nobody knew it. They wanna keep us stuck in a dysfunctional religion. A religion with intimacy problems. The three desert religions got rid of their divine goddesses. Edited them out, erased or demonized their names…

but not their memory...

[6 Veiled Mother] By looking at their faces & speaking their names today we can actually tap into that rich sacred feminine current flowing thru the universe alongside the sacred masculine. We see the god and goddess pattern, a pattern of sacred union existing in every living thing... including every person.

[7 I'm Every Woman] Is there a Mrs. God? The idea of a married Jesus has gotten mainstream attention. Not everybody believes it of course, but at least the IDEA is out there. Circulating. Thanks to a certain novel whose name I don't need to tell you -- but I will anyway: The DaVinci Code.

That book has gotten the wife-of-god concept talked about in every church o' the land

And gotten many a stuck-in-the-mud church leader scrambling, and fuming.

They'd rather the Divine Feminine stay exiled. Literally Demonized. Forever.

Luckily nowadays there are those who insist on looking for Her. Including you and I.

She's been waiting here all around us, among us, within us, wearing her heavy bridal veils. Veiled Mother of the World here was painted a hundred years ago by Nicholas Roerich, a Russian mystic and esoteric Christian. A hundred years ago our movement to restore our lost Goddess was just beginning. And now it's picking up momentum.

[8 Scroll Bible] Mrs. God is called by name right in the Bible. She is called by several different Hebrew and Greek names and titles such as Eloah, meaning Goddess, partner of El, meaning God. She is called Sophia, Hokmah, Kallah (that's Hebrew for bride), El Shaddai, meaning God the Breasted One

Ruach (that's Hebrew for Holy Spirit, a feminine noun, and a feminine being) and Asherah, Queen of Heaven.

[9 Abrahamic religions] You've heard the phrase the "god of Abraham." It means god the father, right. Jews originally called him El & El Elyon and Yahweh. Islam calls him Allah, from the name El. El's full name was El-luh which in Arabic is pronounced Allah.

The Hebrew Bible, what we call the Old Testament, is the first to mention the God of Abraham. Well, the Old Testament and Islam also describe a Goddess of Abraham. The Wife of God.

She is the exiled partner of all THREE desert religions.

[10 Allat] This is Allah's wife, her name is AL-LAT. She was worshipped at Mecca for 2000 years before Islam. The famous Muslim pilgrimage spot in Mecca was originally her shrine. Allat's name means simply "the Goddess," just as Allah means, "the God." The T ending is feminine.

Allah and Allat were depicted standing together with a star and crescent moon over them. Allah was a moon god and she was the "star", Venus.

Islamic nations still use that star and crescent in their flags.

Another obvious, but vehemently denied, symbol of the sacred marriage.

Allat is probably going to be the last wife of God to take off her veils.

Islam is not really open to Allah having a partner, even tho history and archaeology prove he does.

[11 Allat on Camel] For example. A rock inscription at Adumattu, Arabia, reads, "May Allat (Goddess) grant every wish." Ancient Arabs would seal oaths with the vow, "By the salt, By the fire, and by Al-Lat who is the greatest of all." Another inscription says: "Shalm-Allat." Peace of Goddess -- similar to Peace of God be with you. A hand of blessing would be held up while saying Shalm-Allat.

[12 Blessing Hand of Allat] Allat has a famous hand that many middle eastern people today wear as a talisman against the evil eye, not realizing it is the hand of their ancient Goddess. Goddess Allat to Muslims and Goddess Elat to Jews. The eye on the amulet "looks back" at the source of the curse.

Both Jews and Muslims use this intriguing hand symbol for protection. Muslims now call it the hand of Fatima,

[13 Hands of Fatima, Miriam] which is actually another name for the same Arabian goddess. Modern Jews call it the Hand of Miriam. But both use this goddess-hand for the same thing, to ward off the evil eye.

Mohammed, author of the Koran, originally recognized Fatima, Allat and two other goddesses. He even wrote about them in the Koran.

Their names are still there...

[14a Satanic Verses] Muslim scholars admit this…the story is,

Satan tricked Mohammed into putting those verses in the Koran. But Allah sent a new revelation allowing Mohammed to leave the verses in but correct the mistake. Which Mohammed did, by calling them quote, "angels whom pagans ignorantly think are goddesses." Because Satan tricked Mohammed into putting Goddess names in the Koran, those verses are called the Satanic Verses

[14b Second SatanicVerses] - inspired by Satan. Geez. Talk about demonizing anything sacred feminine!

Some of you may remember the novel Satanic Verses by Salmon Rushdie, that got him condemned to die by the muslim world for writing it.

[15: Three goddesses of Islam] Well, his work of fiction is about the three Goddesses listed in these verses, especially Allat, and how she is way ticked off at Mohammed for removing her from Islam. For demonizing her from beloved Mother Goddess and Allah's wife into satan-spawn. Allat is not a happy goddess in Salmon Rushdie's bestseller. To this day, he is forced to live in hiding because they will kill him, even though he is a devout Muslim. He's a goddess Muslim. I am glad goddess Christians don't have prices on our heads. Satanic Verses - like DaVinci Code - used a novel to tell the story of a suppressed goddess. The control-freak woman-hating clerics want him killed for telling her story. That's herstory, not history.

The Arabic Goddesses whose names are right in the Koran are: Uzza (meaning Power) al-Lat (Goddess), and Menat (meaning Destiny or Fate). The Arabians have a triple goddess. This feminine divine trinity was worshipped at Mecca.

We already met Allat, the one in the middle there. Notice her sheaf of grain. She is a golden grain goddess like other Mediterranean Goddesses and liked having grain cakes baked for her.

On the left is Uzza whose name means Power. Think Uzzi machinegun made in Israel, Uzzi also means "powerful".

[16 Uzza Card] Uzza was a Goddess of Love and War and was wildly popular in all the middle east, including Jerusalem. The Bible says a garden at the palace was named after her, the Garden of Uzza,

[17 Three goddesses of Islam] and two Goddess-worshiping kings, Manasseh and King Amon are buried there. See the acacia tree behind her - she was said to dwell in any garden where acacia trees were planted. The Temple was built of acacia wood. The book of 2nd Kings calls Manasseh and Amon evil kings because they took after Solomon and worshipped Goddess AND God.

Oh, Can't have that! The powers that be want us only worshipping the male one.

The goddess pictured on the right is Menat. Menat means Fate and this painter has her as the crone form of the Arabian triple goddess.

Sometimes these three are called the daughters of Allah. But the middle one, Allat, is actually his spouse and really, they are all three rolled into one goddess.

[18 Allat Sheba] Just 1400 years ago Muslims took control of the goddess' Mecca shrine away from the priestesses of Allat -- whom they slaughtered.

But to this day, the men who guard the Kaaba-shrine are still called "Sons of the Ancient Woman." Sons of Sheba, in Arabic, Beni Shaybah. Goddess Allat had a nickname, or extra title, Sheba pronounced Shaybah. Meaning the wise-woman, or, "She of the ancient wisdom."

[19 Ancients of Days] One of her husband's titles is Ancient of Days, the God of Abraham.

[20 Allat of Mecca] Before Islam, the shrine's guardians were female priestesses called Bati-Sheba, Daughters of the Ancient Wise-Woman. Bath-Sheba means daughter of Sheba, a priestess from the house of Sheba.

See on Al-Lat's headdress, that "house" of Sheba? Her famous cube shrine in Mecca. They still keep her shrine cubeshaped, and still walk around it just like they did in their goddess-worshipping days.

[21 Black Stone] Many westerners, especially midwives, have observed that the holy black stone inside the Kaaba is shaped like a woman's vulva with a baby's head crowning. It is goddess giving birth to the world, but they will never admit it. The annual pilgrimage to Mecca, to Mother Sheba, is now only for poor lonely Allah.

[22 Fatima]

Fatima was another name for Al-lat. She also is called Creatress, Source of the Sun, and Tree of Paradise, the Tree of Life. Fatima is said to have existed from the beginning of the material Sophia, a goddess in the Old Testament we will meet in a minute.

Mohammed named his own daughter after Goddess Fatima, but her worship still got brutally stamped out.

Sufis have tried to hang onto Fatima, however, and to the sacred marriage.

They are forced to use code words though, since Sufism is part of Islam, and revering the sacred feminine will get you killed even today, in Islamic countries.

[23 Sacred Marriage Symbols] So the Sufi's use coded symbols -- make her: tablet, Allah: pen - which then "mate." Or he's a key, she's a lock….

See red rectangle, it's from a Sufi prayer book and means the key in the lock. Pen on tablet, key in lock - more symbols for the sacred marriage.

The fishes is a Christian sacred marriage symbol, as is the equal-bar cross, called the Greek cross.

The squaring of the circle is from ancient Greek sacred geometry and philosophy. It is the Pythagoreans' symbol of the sacred marriage. You know the Yin Yang. And the Star of David, a sacred marriage glyph that is very sexually symbolic, as we'll see in another slide.

[24 Michelangelo Creation of Adam - Fullsize] Now look at this famous Michelangelo painting of God-the-Father creating Adam.

In the very first chapter of the very first book of the Bible, one being says to another, "Let us, make man in our image…male and female."

So. We are asked to believe god is a hermaphrodite, and is fond of talking to himself?

But doesn't the obvious make more sense? That God has a partner, someone maybe female, that he might be talking to?

Esoteric Christians believe he DOES have a partner in creation.

Hebrew and Greek translators know she's there, too. The proof is in the names.

[25 Elohim, El, Eloah] You've probably heard the name Elohim used for god in the Bible. It's actually a plural Hebrew name that means "God and Goddess" or simply "the Gods". But whenever the word Elohim comes up, translators have always put the male singular word "God," in there. It ain't right. When we consider the mixed gender of Elohim, it is a feminine word with a masculine ending, the honest translation is "god and goddess". Elohim is a compound name. That's why one being says to another in Genesis, let US make man in OUR image.

You've all heard of the God El. He's one of the two on the screen here, and here he is (in the next slide) looking like Zeus...

[26: EL] Zeus, another lightning, mountain God-the-Father. El is a name of God used in countless Bible names like Elizabeth, God has sworn, Michael, like unto god, Rachel, god is graceful, Gabriel god's strength, Daniel, God decides.

El was worshipped all over the Mediterranean, even in Greece whose very name contains his name. Greeks do not call their country Greece but Hellas, pronounced EL-las, the H is silent in the Greek language. Greece is named after Helios (pronounced EL-ios), the god of Light symbolized by the sun. Helen of Troy would be pronounced Ellen of Troy. Helen/Ellen captivated ancient Greece and was said to be an incarnation of El or Helios' wife. Her hair was always depicted as bright sun-colored or golden grain-colored.

[27: Elohim: El, Eloah, Elat] The god-ess part of Elohim is Elat or Eloah.  Remember Allah has Allat? That T ending is Feminine.  Same god and goddess that makes up Elohim. 

Now I know it seems like we’re playing the name game here -- but these deities are in every Bible... and the Koran too. The Goddess name Eloah is used in Job more than forty times.  Job also calls Eloah by one of her titles, El Shaddai which means the Breasted God.  Not Almighty God as they chose to translate it.  Shaddai means Breasts, female breasts. Not the male kind like beat on your breast, but the female life-giving kind.  Shad is the singular for breast, shaddai the plural.

El Shaddai (who is also called Eloah in Job) is described with many other feminine attributes besides her Breasted One name.  Such as womb and birth waters.  They don’t mean the male god El’s “nurturing” aspect, either as some have said.

[28 Hittite Sacred Marriage] In several cases both Eloah and El are mentioned in the same verse together as clearly separate beings.

“I would seek unto El, but unto Eloah I would commit my case.” (Job 5:8) And “I swear by the living El who denies me justice, and by Shaddai who has filled me with bitterness.” (Job 27:2). Shaddai the Breasted One has filled poor Job with bitterness instead of with sweet nurturing milk. The verb “Filled” means as in fed or filled the belly of. And El is mentioned as denying Job justice, in the same sentence.

Job clearly has two gods in his pantheon.

This life-sized depiction of the sacred marriage of Father God and Mother Goddess is carved in a rock grotto in Asia Minor, what is now Turkey. It dates to somewhere between 1200 and 1800 B.C., so is very old.  God-the-Father has lightning bolt symbol and scepter of rulership.  He is a form of Zeus and El, while she is Hera and Asherah/Eloah.  You can hear Hera’s name in Ash-hera.  Eloah Asherah has chalice or JAR of anointing oil in her hand.  She rides Asherah’s lioness, and another Asherah symbol, two dancing ibexes, is here.  Whenever we see lions and ibexes we know we have Yahweh’s wife.

She appears to hold a ship emblem with a dove hovering over it, then an egg over that.  Both of their symbol poles – hand held little totem poles – are capped with the oval with line down the middle, scholars say is a symbol of sacred marriage itself. 

The very first sentence of the Bible uses the name Elohim, meaning God and Goddess.  In fact, the entire first chapter of Genesis uses Elohim every time you see the word God. There are hundreds of cases where the Creator Couple is named right in your Bible, but you aren’t supposed to know about it. “Editors” with their own agendas reduced the Elohim to a single male god.  They stripped out Eloah from original Judaism.  No women allowed in the godhead.

One of Eloah’s more famous names is Sophia, meaning "Wisewoman"...

[29 Sophia Card] That's just like Allat’s Sheba nickname, which means "Wisdom-woman."
In Prov 8:22 Sophia herself explains how both she and he were there at Creation, "Yahweh got me at the beginning before all things were made." The verb “got” is qanah -- a Hebrew word meaning “acquired”, NOT created, and scholars say it means acquired in the ancient sense as a man acquires a wife. Very interesting.  So Yahweh “acquired” himself a wife before time began.  She’s eternal like him, in other words.
Personally I think it's her doing the talking in Genesis when one god says, "Let us make man in our own image..."  Let US.  I remember being told in Bible class (I went to all strict Xtian Schools) that this was Jesus and God-the-Father talking to each other.
Yeah, right, THAT makes sense:  male and female created he them.
What else does Sophia say in Proverbs 8?

[30 Proverbs 8]

Proverbs 8:22-35

"Yahweh got me, Sophia,
in the beginning
Before time began.

We were together,
Before his works of old.

When there was nothing;
No hills, no mountains,

No water, no earth;
I, Sophia, was there."

I was daily his delight, dancing before him
Preceding and leading him,
Always rejoicing.

On the earth,
I rejoice with the children
Of our children.

Sophia is known for being playful, rejoiceful meaning cheerful. The work of creation is she and God’s “play”.  Notice it says she precedes and leads him.  But how can she LEAD God, isn't that blasphemous or at the very least, uppity?  Well no. She's sort of dancing and pulling him after her as they playfully create the world together
She's basically dragging him along by his necktie and he's loving every minute of it.

[31: Sophia, Hokmah] Sophia in Hebrew is pronounced Hokmah.
When the Bible was translated into Greek, Hokmah became Sophia.  Both these names mean wisdom.
But not intellectual knowledge, rather a knowing of the mysteries
So when you hear name Sophia, think keeper of the universal wisdom. Or repository of ancient wisdom.
And every time you come across the word wisdom in your English Bible, both in the Old and the New Testament, remind yourself it really says Sophia. Things will start to make a lot more sense.  Such as Luke 11:49 where it says, "I wisdom will send to them prophets and apostles some of whom they will kill or persecute."  How can a mental concept, wisdom, "send" anyone to earth?  It makes a lot more sense if you read the Greek literally, "I Sophia will send to them prophets and apostles."  Luke and the lost gospel Q both say Jesus and John the Baptiser were sent by Sophia, not just by God.

[32 Michelangelo Creation of Adam - Fullsize]
Proverbs 8 is very clear that Sophia, was there at creation, with the male-god.  Genesis uses the term Elohim -- meaning Eloah and El were both present.

[33: Detail One] So where is she in this picture?
Michelangelo painted this on the "Pope's ceiling" in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. 
Chapel where the cardinals secretly elect each Pope, and then send up the white smoke.

Where is the other person in the "let us"? Where is the Proverbs 8 Sophia? 
Look here... 

[34 Closeup of Sophia]
Many scholars and art historians are convinced this is Sophia.
Academic papers have been written arguing this is Sophia.
Michelangelo was very religious, he would’ve read Proverbs 8, probably memorized it, and was trying to show it in his masterpiece.

[35: Detail] The other figures are male cherubs, male spirits who "bear up" god and represent his creative powers.
None of them allowed to tangle with God like Sophia, who is actually touching him.  And she is the only female. Michelangelo camouflaged her somewhat – living in the Vatican he knew to be careful – so he disguised her among all the other figures.
You can see her breasts; so we know she's not a male figure. Some said:  that's an effeminate male cherub –

[36 LastSupper]  like they say Magdalene is an effeminate male disciple in the Last Supper.
[37 Sophia closeup] But those that have eyes can clearly see.  Even 500 yrs on.

[38 Zeus/Hera]  Now look at this.  A sketch of an ancient mosaic found in Greece. We have Zeus and Hera here creating the world in almost the same exact posture as God and Sophia. See the same spirits/cherubs bearing him up, representing his creative powers. The same outstretched arm, the female creatrix to his left, just like a bride always stands to the groom's left. Notice also the robe swirling in a circle just like in Michelangelo's painting.

[39 Zeus/Hera CreationAdam]  This was a popular Greek and Roman way to depict the creators -- a god and goddess with spirits/cherubs "bearing them up". It obviously influenced Michelangelo.
I have heard art experts say oh no, there are no pagan influences in Christian art.  And no feminine deities. Artists didn't hide clues in their work.  What looks like a woman isn't a woman, what looks like a goddess isn't a goddess.  There's no such thing! No such thing. We are supposed to blindly believe their “scholarship” and disbelieve our own eyes, not to mention deny common sense.  So when you hear some expert pooh-pooh the obvious – don't you believe it.

[40 Trinity w Mary Crowned] Sophia has been waiting to be discovered, decoded, by those who know how to "see" her.
In the Trinity she is Holy Spirit.
There is no doubt the original holy spirit was feminine. Early church fathers called her their lady mistress. And in the now-lost Gospel of the Hebrews Jesus says, "my mother, the Holy Spirit took me up." That makes the Holy Spirit -- member of the godhead -- a female, and implies that the Virgin Mary was a manifestation of her.  Jesus said, “my mother, the Holy Spirit...”

The Old Testament has a word for the Holy Spirit; It's Ruach, a feminine proper name in the Hebrew language.  Ruach means, "She of the Breath," or Spirit.
Genesis 1:2 says, “Ruach moved over the surface of her waters.”  But it is translated, “the spirit of God” moved over the waters.  Ruach also appears in the famous Psalm 51 where David begs God to forgive him then adds, and "Don't keep Ruach from me!" But it’s translated as "Take not your holy spirit from me."
David greatly revered Goddess and didn't want to lose her endorsement. 

[41 Bathsheba Rooftop/ShebaAllat] The whole reason David wrote Psalm 51 was because he was feeling very guilty for killing a man in order to snatch the man's wife, pictured naked on the screen here. The wife David acquired in this underhanded way, was a Bat-Sheba. We'll never know her real name because the Bible only calls her by her title, Bathsheba, meaning priestess from the house of Sheba. She became his queen and mother of the next king, Solomon – the greatest king Israel ever had.  Bat-sheba was a priestess serving the Ancient Woman of Wisdom.

[42 Bathsheba Columns] No wonder Solomon was so into the Goddess considering who his mother was.  Solomon is known for his sacred wisdom, yet he is later reviled in the Old Testament because he allowed Goddess statues in the Temple (well he built the thing!) and permitted Goddess worship all over his kingdom.  1st and 2nd Kings in the Bible show how the monotheist priests of King Josiah's day later demonize Solomon and his goddess-revering practices.
And oh, Solomon went one up from his father...

[43 Sheba Solomon]  he got not just a daughter of Sheba, he got the Queen of Sheba.
The Queen of Sheba was high priestess of the Ka-aba Shrine at Mecca.  The Bible says she traveled up to Solomon to swap wisdom with him.  She ended up staying a year while they studied together.

[44 ShebaSolomon MarriageStance] Legends of all three desert religions say they fell in love, two of the brightest minds in the world in those primitive days a thousand years before Christ when less than 1% of humanity could read. 
Notice their stance implies a wedding, a sacred marriage.  They were equals in both heart and mind.
Arabian and Jewish traditions go so far as to say the Queen of Sheba got pregnant by Solomon and had a child. He ruled Sheba after her and one of his descendants was asked to protect the Ark of the Covenant centuries later when Solomon’s Temple was destroyed.  So say the legends.

[45 DavidBathsheba] So anyway, David felt guilty for killing that dude who was married to Bath-Sheba. Here we see David & Bathsheba in their own sacred marriage.  You'd think poor Bathsheba would be cold with all this nudity.

[46 BlondBathsheba]
Actually, they portray her that way to symbolize divine loveliness. A priestess was thought to reflect her goddess' surreal, supernatural beauty.
David had no intention of giving up the priestess he had "acquired", but he knew his method might have offended the feminine Deity.  So in Psalm 51, David begs God-the-Creator to intercede on his behalf to keep Ruach from deserting him, praying, "Take not Ruach from me."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[47 Female in Trinity] The Holy Spirit was depicted as a woman 900 years ago on a chapel ceiling in Bavaria, Germany. And we know the Holy Spirit in Hebrew is feminine.

But when the Bible got translated into Greek, the word for holy spirit became pneuma, a neuter word.  Pneuma means spirit, and breath – think pneumonia. Ruach also means spirit and breath.

[48 Female inTrinity, breathe ur name]
Finally when the Latin language took over Bible, the neuter Pneuma became Spiritus Sanctus – a totally masculine phrase meaning Holy Spirit.
The Judeo-Christian holy spirit that Jesus says is his mother, went from feminine - neuter - masculine.

[49 TrinitywDove]
But she is that dove in the trinity.
Dove:  an ancient goddess symbol.  The dove appears in countless stories and paintings to symbolize the sacred feminine. It was never used to indicate a male being.

[50 Venus Aphrodite Birth w Dove Shell] Here is a modern rendition of Venus/Aphrodite. See Planet Venus low on horizon, the evening star. You can also see the Andromeda galaxy, our galaxy’s nearest neighbor.  Jupiter and Mars are there too. Venus is also Ishtar, and the forsythia blooms, an Easter/Ishtar symbol remind us of that.  She is also Asherah – as the ocean, seaweed, pearls and dove remind us – they are all symbols of Asherah, another name for Yahweh-El’s wife whom we will meet in a minute.

[51 Aphrodite w Dove Helena Nelson-Reed]  Another Aphrodite, the Greek name of Venus, Asherah, Ishtar. There’s the dove symbol yet again.

All present at Jesus's baptism would immediately have known the dove's significance. It was sign from the gods.  Ruach-Sophia-Eloah had come to endorse Jesus. “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,” said the voice.  He was her son, too.

[52 SophiaStatue] Now here is Mrs. God as Sophia.  Notice her wings are not angel wings, but dove wings. Wisdom of Solomon, an ancient book in the apocrypha, says Sophia is the "Holy Spirit." And even calls her, "the Comforter."  The next verse refers to Sophia as "breath of god's power". Another verse calls her "the glory," bringing to mind Shekinah, which means glory. Intriguingly, the end of the Lord's prayer says… "for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory."

Many believe Sophia incarnated as Mother-Mary. 
It is logical she might choose to do that.  If a male deity can put on the flesh, than for sure a female one can. Maybe she wanted to help her son complete his mission. Sophia and Mary are said to be the same person, a Christian goddess.  Sophia-Maria she is called.
Notice Sophia is sitting on a Throne here.

[53 Throne Sophia & Isis]  The name Isis literally means, Throne.
Enthroned goddesses are another artistic code telling us God's partner is the power behind the throne, the subtle powerhouse.  Every time you see Mary on a throne it is really Sophia. 

[54 Sophia & HagiaSophia]
A special type of Madonna & Child icon called, the Wisdom thrones or Sophia thrones became popular a thousand years ago and the Greeks and Russians are still painting them.
Here is perhaps the most famous example, from the ceiling of the Hagia Sophia Cathedral, one of the seven wonders of the world, located in what’s now Turkey. Jerusalem was Christianity's birthplace, but ancient Turkey (Asia Minor) was its cradle. Then Rome took over.

This mosaic is 1100 years old and called Sophia-Maria.
If Sophia incarnated as Mary, the hyphenated name makes sense.

The Throne in the icon is a code letting you know it's not mortal Mary shown, but the Goddess Sophia-Maria. Another clue is that the baby Jesus doesn't look at all like a baby, but like a miniature grown man. He represents humanity – the "child" of Sophia.

[55 Throne Sophia & Isis]  Mary and Isis are often shown sitting, with their laps then becoming thrones for god (the god Horus, the god Jesus).  Mary & Isis are thus the Source of the God's very rulership.  The subtle Source of divinity itself. 
The word “source” is actually the first word of the entire Bible, In the Beginning.  And once again is a feminine word in the original Hebrew. In the beginning is really B'rashith, meaning, “Source,” and some Hebrew scholars translate as “womb”. 
So instead of, “In the Beginning,” you could say - "In the source," or "In the womb" the Elohim filled the heavens and the earth. The word “created” in the first sentence of the Bible is actually “filled”. Elohim filled the heavens and the earth like filling a womb.

Sometimes we see Mother Mary and we suspect it is Magdalene, other times it's really Sophia. Mother Mary was the only form of the feminine Divine allowed, so painters had to camouflage the other Christian goddesses as her.
The clues are easy to find once you know the code. 

[56 Woodcut & Tarot card with ToL] The high priestess Tarot card also shows an enthroned woman.  Many tarot historians say she is Sophia, because Sophia's trademark is the wisdom throne, like pictured here in this 500-year-old woodcut by Abrecht Durer.

Others say the High Priestess card shows Mary Magdalene, or perhaps Mother Mary.
Whichever Christian Goddess she is, she's also Isis because she's wearing Isis' unique moon crown.  This card is sometimes called the Papess, meaning Lady Pope.
Notice the Tree of Life formed by the pomegranates and the chakras on her body.
Sophia is called "the Tree of Life," in Proverbs 3:18.

Okay, so we know the biblical Hokmah, aka Sophia, was feminine. 

[57:  Tree of Life]
On the Tree of Life chart, Hokmah is one of the top spheres. She's on the top right, second only to the Crown sphere.

But according to Kabbalah, Hokmah is supposedly fiery masculine creation energies emanating out of the Creator.  This sphere with its clearly feminine name got turned into a masculine sphere on the Tree of Life.

[58 Heqmaa Names, FireSophia] The name Hokmah comes from an Egyptian goddess called Heq-ma'a, or Hek-ma'at – a  goddess of – you guessed it – wisdom and deep mysteries. 

Heq-ma'a is originally mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a scripture which predates the entire Bible by centuries.
Heq-ma’a’s name loosely translates as "Underworld Mother of Wisdom, Law, and Words of Power." Heq is translated as "intelligence," or "knowledge". From heq we get the word "hex" meaning magic words of power.

Heq-ma'a's name became Hokmah.  And words like Hagia (holy) and hag (wisewoman, holy woman) come from the heq part of her name. She evidently scared the heck out of the church authorities because they demonized her.

The word Hag now has a negative connotation and is associated with witch. One of the oldest Greek Goddesses, Hecate, also gets her name directly from this Egyptian goddess.

[59 Blond Fiery Sophia]  Here is Sophia as Hokmah, that supposedly masculine sphere on the ToL.
She is obviously female and is adeptly wielding the fires of creation.  Have you noticed since she’s been on the screen she's been looking you in the eye, as if to say, I'm trying to tell you something, he that hath an eye let him see?

Well, her secret message is her name. See how the balls in her hands look like spheres on the Tree of Life? They are.

[60 FireSophia wToL]
She's holding them in the positions of her two names, Wisdom and Glory, Sophia and Shekinah.
We just saw that her Egyptian name means Underworld Mother of Wisdom.
See how she is rooted in the underworld, coming up from a grave?
Volcanic fires also, come-up-from-the-depths.
Earth science has proven volcanos go hand in hand with planetary formation.
Sophia is said to have created the world.
And other mother-goddesses formed the planet from their own bodies.

[61 Sophia Creatrix]
Why is Goddess called lost, fallen and "Exiled?" 
Is God's counterpart separated from her spouse?
Virtually all the world's religions teach that humankind is exiled here on earth.  We have to suffer the pain of this life, wrapped in evil, cut off from God.
And many say, it's all the fault of some woman!
Eve blew it and now the entire human race suffers, remember?
Gnostics blamed the woes of the world on another woman.
On Sophia
Gnostics called Sophia the All-Mother and Creatrix, BUT they believed she made a cosmic mistake by making the world without the masculine Divine presiding and leading.
Her creation was therefore terribly flawed.
Sophia herself became trapped, exiled down here in the material world.

[62 OurLadyofWisdom Shekinah]
Esoteric Christians believe she CHOSE to "exile" herself with us, like compassionate Tara and Kwan Yin of the Far East chose to do.
The MATERIAL is after all her realm. 

[63 Mother Material, matter]
She is Mother Matter – mother, matter and matrix all come from the same root.  Whenever you say the word Matrix, you are saying Mother.  The Mother System...the Mothernet... like Internet. The web. This painting is titled “Matrix of Eternity,” by Jonathon Earl Bowser.

[64 Our Lady of Wisdom Shekinah]
Shekinah and Sophia are both called, "She who dwells within," because she wants to be here…to dwell among us.  "She-who-dwells-within," brings to mind Jesus' motto, the Kingdom of Heaven is within.

Mystical Judaism of the Middle Ages taught that men and women in the marriage bed could actually help rejoin the exiled Shekinah to her heavenly Spouse.  The idea is AS BELOW, so ABOVE.  We can actually help redeem ourselves and the world. 

AND we help restore to god his wife whom he is no doubt languishing without!
We're useful.  So you know what you gotta do when you go home.  Grab your partner and get to work on mending the Universe!

This is Shekinah, the Kallah.  Shekinah is called "glory," dwelling place, and most significantly, Kallah, meaning simply, "the bride."

[65 Shabbos Queen Shekinah] Every Friday night, all over the world, little Jewish children get up from the dinner table at a signal from their parents and go open the door of the house to let in Shekinah the Sabbath Bride, also called the Sabbath queen. 
They stand and hold the door open for a minute to let her pass thru.
Note how her dress looks like a tablecloth. The table is every home’s sacred altar. So that’s where Shekinah can dwell now that the Temple is gone.
On the Friday night table are always at least two candles, called the lights of Sabbath. 
Jewish brides to this day always get at least one pair of candlesticks as a wedding gift.

[66 Shekinah Kallah] That's what this one here is, a nice radical Shekinah Sabbath bride double candlestick. On the left is a music CD. Notice both use the spiral to symbolize Shekinah, because the spiral takes us ever inward, and Shekinah means "indweller".

[67 Shekinah by HNelson-Reed]  And here is a lovely Shekinah painted in the 1980s by Helena Nelson-Reed.  The Shekinah’s body seems to be like a DNA spiral maybe, or a gentle spiraling undulating motion. I think she also looks very spirit-like which brings to mind Shekinah’s holy spirit aspect, a divine presence that was sometimes a pillar of fire for the Israelites and other times a presence hovering within the Ark of the Covenant. Here she looks like a divine figure appearing in the incense smoke.

[68 Guinevere] Altho not called a goddess, Arthur's Queen, Guinevere is a bride queen archetype for Anglo-Saxons and Europeans. Here we see Guinevere performing that all important fertility goddess function, bringing in the spring on May Day.  A-Maying is an ancient Celtic tradition.
The month of May is named for an earth goddess, Maia, spelled like Gaia but with an M.  So Guinevere here is invoking the spring earth goddess. She no doubt represents an embodiment of that goddess, as her husband was a kind of sacred and dying king.

Every ethnic group seems to have Sacred Bride imagery. And a lot of the brides get tainted or lost.  In the original Arthurian legends of Britain, Guinevere is not a false lover who betrays Arthur by sleeping with Lancelot.  That part of the story was added much later. Like, by centuries. 

Mary Magdalene is often associated with Guinevere – both had red hair and were tainted brides, tainted queens, and both are connected to Glastonbury. 

[69 Damsel Holy Grail]
And both are connected to the Holy Grail. I really like the symbolism here.  Magdalene is a priestess giving the eucharist and bestowing a hand of blessing. When giving the eucharist, the priest or priestess stands in for Christ -- in persona Christi as the Catholic church calls it.  The Church says no woman can stand in the place of Christ, that’s why they allow only male priests.  Yet here is Magdalene “standing in” for her Beloved.

And she has the dove over her head, the mark of Goddesses, never a god. 

This dove gets around now.  And she is a SHE. Not a male, neuter, holy ghost vague sort of entity in the Trinity.

[70 FREYA] Here is Freya, a Northern European and British goddess whose name means "Lady." Freya was called the Venus of the North.  You can see planet Venus painted above her head there.
Our word Friday comes from her name. FreyasDay, FREYday, Friday. In almost all European countries, Friday is named after Venus.  Venus' day or Vendredi in French. AND Friday nights, the eve of the Sabbath, is when Jewish couples are urged to have marital relations in order to unite the Sabbath Queen with her heavenly Spouse.
So now you know what you gotta do on Friday nights.

[71 Astarte] Astarte was a middle eastern goddess and is called Ashtoreth in the Bible. Asherah is sometimes listed as her mother in mythology, but they are actually the same.
Notice how Astarte is drawing attention to her breast. Asherah does that too as we'll see in another slide. [72 MM clutching breast] And here's Mary Magdalene clutching her breast. She’s at the foot of the cross. This painting hangs in the Louvre in Paris.

[73 Astarte Gold Pendant] Here again Astarte appears with Asherah symbols.  She’s on a Lion and has Ibexes and snakes.  Astarte and Ishtar are different ways of pronouncing the same name.  Definitely the same goddess.

[74 Adonis&Venus]
This is Adonis and Venus.  Scholars and even my Bible Dictionary all agree that Tammuz is just another form of this Greek god Adonis.  Tammuz's bride is Ishtar, the Goddess of love, just as Adonis' bride pictured here is Venus, goddess of love.  This exact same couple is found in Sumerian, Babylonian, Arabian and Greek cultures.  And in Hebrew because the word Adonai is definitely derived from Adonis.  Adonis, Adonai and Tammuz are all the same Lord God. 

[75 EZEK 8 Temple] Tammuz's name is in the Bible, in Ezek 8, because the women and priestesses, were doing their annual weeping ritual & resurrection of Tammuz – right in Solomon's Temple!  They would actually channel the Goddess, allow her to weep thru them. Every year in the month of Tammuz, near the Spring equinox.  That month is still called Tammuz in the Jewish calendar.
The writer of Ezekiel is aggravated because he is one of the Yahweh-only priests who wants to get rid of all Goddess elements at the Temple. Some 1500 years after Ezekiel, Muslim sources complain about seasonal bride weeping, as it was called, and their attempts to stamp it out in certain Muslim-controlled cities, and all the way up to the 10th century among bedouin in the desert. 

[76 Adonis&Venus]
In this painting Venus is weeping over her dead beloved Adonis, the handsomest man in the world.  In a garden. The garden and garden king represent fertility, just as Easter lilies and tulips -- not to mention eggs and bunnies --  symbolize on Ishtar Sunday. 
She's perhaps about to call him back, since the resurrections in all these stories happened in a garden. 

[77 Inanna Tammuz] The act of weeping was said to fetch the slain king back from his descent into hell.  IF he had been properly anointed beforehand, that is.  Sound familiar? Jesus was called a King and he descended into hell when he died.  He was anointed previously by Mary Magdalene who is then present in the garden for his resurrection.

[78 C&A, I&O]
Other bridegroom couples are Cybele and Attis and Isis and Osiris. Notice the throne headdress on Isis reminding us she's the power of and behind the throne.  Behind every successful man stands a goddess, right?

[79 SHIVA, Shakti ARK of Covenant] Now here is one of planet earth's most ancient sacred marriage couples, Shiva and Shakti of India.  Shakti is a Sanskrit name meaning Power. 

There's that power word again. Remember Uzza, a goddess in the Koran, means power, too.       ...The kingdom and the power...
Shakti and Shiva's sitting lovemaking posture is symbolized by two overlapping triangles, that we Westerners know as the Star of David.  Each person's legs make a triangle.  Then one triangle overlaps the other. Jewish esoteric sources have long said this same posture was depicted on the ark of the covenant showing Yahweh-El entangled in the star of David posture with Shekinah-Asherah.

India used the Star of David symbol for the sacred marriage of god and goddess a thousand years before the Hebrews did.  And we like to think their cultures interacted.

[80 ARK Covenant] This is the only depiction I could find showing the Male & Female deities on the ark of the covenant. Although one is obviously female – Shaddai the breasted one -- and one male, they are disappointingly not entangled in the sitting love-making posture.

[81 ARK Temple Institute] Here’s another rendition by Jewish scholars from the Temple Institute in Jerusalem that also has a male and female being.  Note they look like birds in the middle of the mating ritual.

But alas no intimate entanglements here, either.

Oh well, we can only have so much X-rated religion here in one day!

[82 Bowser Asherah] Now this finally is Asherah, the Old Testament wife of Yahweh / El.

Asherah.  A lovely title which means Lady of the Sea, or literally, Sea-Walker. Asherah is the earliest Caananite and Hebrew deity recorded in history, pre-dating even her spouse God-the-Father. Jacob named one of his twelve sons, Asher, after this Goddess, and so one of the 12 tribes of Israel was called Asher.
            In clay tablets dating to 1200 BC Asherah is called Sea-Walker because apparitions of her are seen often walking on the water of a certain sacred lake we all know as the Sea of Galilee.  Today that lake is called by its ancient name again, Lake Kinneret, which means Lake Harp.  Because the people 3000 years ago noticed the lake is shaped like a harp. Asherah was the Lady of the Lake.  Jesus’ ministry began around that sacred lake and some say Magdalene was born in Magdala, a village on its shores.
According to mythology, Asherah has a son called the morning and the evening star, both of which are the planet Venus which sometimes is an evening star and other times a morning star.  Jesus is said to be the bright and morning star. Ancient people would immediately interpret that to mean Jesus is Asherah's son.
In Genesis 1 it says Ruach moved on the surface of her waters.  And they translate that as, "the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."
She moved over, on and with the water. [Mysterious Ways sound file] 
[83 Mysterious Ways]
Mrs. God is called right in the Bible by goddess-names Ruach and Asherah, giving us a picture of a feminine divine being who embodies the creative primordial waters.
Intriguingly her and Yahweh's son later walked on water as if to prove himself a Son of Goddess.  And he even walked on her holy lake.  The people in Jesus’ time once again would have known instantly what that story meant, that Yeshua was Asherah Sea-Walker’s son.

[84 Mary on Moon & Water] Jesus' earthly mother was Mary, a name meaning Waters of the Sea.  She is often shown moving on the face of the waters.  See Venus, a bright “star” on her forehead.  She is the star of the sea, holding & guiding humanity, her children.

Goddess Asherah is mentioned clearly by name in several places in the OT.  Exactly how the people worshiped her is also described.

[85 Bronze Asherah]  The Bible says hilltop shrines and temples were built for Asherah. The people performed wine pouring and breadmaking rituals in her honor. They burned incense to her.

She was wildly popular, as was her spouse Yahweh / El.  The Israelites honored them both, in sacred union.
Inscriptions have been found on decorated jars and on walls that say, "dedicated to Yahweh and his Asherah."

This bronze Asherah figurine was made using an ancient mold discovered at Nahariyeh, Israel. She was mass produced so every hilltop shrine & household shrine  could have her.
Notice she looks like a pole, an Asherah pole.  Those famous Asherah Poles Church authorities say are not a goddess,  just a pole.  An object.
An Asherah tree of life.  A column like Children of Israel followed in the desert.
Moses’ staff was an Asherah pole.

[86 Asherah Figurines]  These Asherah figurines are made of clay and thousands of them have been dug up by Archaeologists in Israel.  Note she clutches her breasts to say I am El Shaddai, the Breasted One.

[87 Asherah Cakes] In Bible times people baked raisin cakes in the shape of Asherah's body. Raisins are fruit of the vine.  They also poured wine into the earth -- her body-- for her.  They would also drink wine and eat the cakes as part of her worship.
Drinking wine and eating bread-or-cakes that symbolize the blood and body of a deity was believed to actually unite you to your deity. 
Jeremiah 7:18 complains, "The children gather firewood, the men build fires, and the women mix dough to bake cakes for the Queen of Heaven." 
Everyone had a part, children and adults.  It was a family ritual, making goddess part of the fabric of their lives.
Can't have any of that!, said the authorities.
The Yahweh-only priests resented the popularity of the Ashera-Yahweh priesthood and after competing for centuries, manipulated a weak king to slaughter all the Asherah worshipers and tear down their temples and shrines.  It's all in the Bible. 
But you know what? To this day Jewish children still gather firewood for a special fire during Passover week, the Spring Equinox holiday. It’s a nat’l event in Israel, the kids going around gathering firewood for huge bonfires in the streets. “The children gather firewood and the men build fires, while the women bake cakes for the Queen of Heaven.”
And even more unbelievable, modern Jewish women bake three cornered cakes  every year for the holiday called Purim.  Which is Esther’s holiday.  Esther is Hebrew for Ishtar! Ishtar, Astarte, Asherah. They are baking Asherah cakes! Rabbis explain that these modern cakes represent Haman’s hat or Haman’s ears and have nothing to do with Asherah, the Queen of Heaven.  Haman is the villain in Queen Esther’s story who tries to kill all the Hebrews. The modern Asherah cakes are triangular to represent the womb, Asherah is called She of the Womb in several inscriptions and clay tablets.  The triangular cakes must always be filled with fruit, fruit of the womb.  On the fertility Esther/Ishtar holiday called Purim.

These other-Asherah-cakes, the ones on the left, were made by one of our students.  We have an online Mystery School where we teach all this sacred feminine stuff, and the Christian mysteries, et cetera. // One of our extra credit assignments in the first degree is to make Ashera raisin cakes.  Well this guy from Tennessee, took pictures of his cakes. He's got the whole feminine curves and round belly-of-prosperity thing going on here.

Jer. 7:18 says they bake these cakes for the Queen of Heaven.
Queen of Heaven is another title found in the Bible for Asherah
Isis, Inanna, Ishtar & Asherah were ALL called the Queen of Heaven, a title later officially given to Mother Mary. Heaven was her realm, her Kingdom.

[88 STELLA MARIS] Mary is also called Stella Maris, star of the sea, a title belonging originally to both Asherah and Ishtar. So God's wife is Queen of Earth, Sea and Heaven.  Just as God is ruler of All.

[89: Tree of Life]
Mary also has one of these spheres on the ToL. Binah, the top left.  Binah is represented as the primal ocean and one of Binah's names is Marah, from which we get the ancient name Mary.
This sphere is also called Mother, think Mother Mary, and Mother of Matter.
The mother sphere has a daughter sphere, the very bottom one.  Malkut, meaning Kingdom, the material world.[Song Bit, Material World]

[90 Material World ToL wFaces not pulsing]
You know Jesus' enigmatic motto, the Kingdom of Heaven is within?  In Aramaic the word Kingdom is actually Queendom, some scholars are now saying.  Thus showing we're talking about a female being, here.  The land & people are represented by a queen who is married to the king. She IS the Kingdom.
For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory… There's that prayer again.

[91 ToL Pulsing] When we say that, just who are we talking to? To the sacred feminine? In her forms of mother matter (kingdom), Shakti & Uzza (power), and Shekinah, (glory)?
All are titles for the Lost, exiled, Mrs. God.

Sophia is called the Tree of Life in Proverbs. Fatima is called Tree of Paradise.  Asherah “poles” and sacred “trees” were on all the hilltops and in the Temple itself.

This Tree of Life glyph, the ten balls with links between them, is part of Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism.  But the ToL design has its roots in ancient Greek sacred geometry and philosophy. You don't have to be Jewish to work with this system.  Jesus definitely seems to have liked working with it because he uses it as the ringing conclusion of the way-cool prayer he taught his people.

Notice the Kabbalistic Tree of Life has a sphere for kingdom, the very bottom one, and a sphere called Power and another called Glory, the other two blinking ones.

There is something else about that phrase and the Tree of Life. A Christian mystery, used to be a secret teaching. No one knows where the practice of making [MAKE CROSS] the sign of the cross comes from.  Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians say it is a tradition going back to the earliest Christians, but they don't know how it came to be. Well, if you think of the blinking spheres on this image as your shoulders and abdomen, then make the sign of the cross, you get… for Thine (touch your forehead) is the Kingdom (abdomen), the Power (shoulder) and the Glory (other shoulder).  You are actually touching the spots on your body that correspond to the tree of life.  One of our people emailed to say it looks like we should be touching our knees instead of shoulders because those blinking spheres are so low on the tree.  I explained we are symbolically kneeling at the base of the Tree of Life during this phase of our studies, so that means our shoulders are down there at the right place.  After later initiations we stand up and wear the crown at the top.  And we say different words, too…like for Thine is the Wisdom, the Beauty and the Beloved… 
The Russian, Greek and Egyptian Orthodox Christians touch the right shoulder first, the Catholics touch the left one.  That's because Orthodox are symbolically FACING the Tree of Life, then stepping into it, dropping to their knees and becoming one with it. So they touch this shoulder first. That's how I learned it, and Catholics call us Orthodox backwards.  Catholics touch the left shoulder first because they are figuratively turning around and backing into the Tree to become one with it. Also symbolically kneeling in the beginning. 
Now keep in mind, the average Catholic or Orthodox Christian and even the priests don't know this tree of life connection for the sign of the cross.  The mainstream churches don't teach such deep symbolism, it might lead them to the sacred feminine. 
Okay, so cross yourself with me a minute.  I do it the backwards Russian way, but do it the Catholic way if that's how you know it.  For thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever Amen.  You can end with Namaste hands for the Amen.  You are activating the Tree of Life, Asherah, Sophia, within your own body.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
[Good stopping place for switching disks if need be]

[92 Eve Ava Havah] We are told Earth's state of evil was caused by Women making mistakes.

Eve was a misguided blundering woman. 
But really her name Eve, or Avah, Havah as Jews pronounce it, means life, and mother of life.  The name Havah is part of the other wellknown name for god, Yahweh, Yah-havah, Jah-hovah

[93 YHVH Yah & HAVAH phylactery] The Tetragrammaton is YHVH.  It is a four-lettered name translated as Yahweh or Jehovah.  Well Eve is right there.  She’s the HVH havah part. So the Yah-Havah --YHVH -- is yet another plural god-name containing masculine and feminine deities.  We have a compound deity, God-and-Goddess for Elohim and for Yahweh, the most popular names for God in the Bible.  Used thousands of times.  In Samaria, what is now Tel Aviv and parts of modern Israel, the two names of the Tetragrammaton, both feminine and masculine were intertwined in Samaritan phylacteries -  the prayer ribbons Hebrews wrap around their forearms and put on their foreheads in little boxes.

This YHVH combination of four letters reminds me of the male female chromosome thing.  Males are XY and females are XX.  So you combine an XY with an XX and you get XYXX.  The result is a Y and the other three letters where the Y happens to be the lone masculine element while the other three letters are feminine.  Just like Yah and Havah.

[94 Eve Ava Havah] Eve was a goddess of earth.  Either an incarnation of the mother goddess or named after her.  Havah means Mother of All Life.  Yet Eve gets such a bad rap.
You know what they don't tell you in Sunday School, don't you?
That Eve had sex with that snake and Cain is the result. A son of Satan, and that's why he became the first murderer of all time.

[95: Lilith] Lilith, Adam's first wife was blamed for creating evil by copulating with demons and thereby mothering millions more demons.
Magdalene was vilified and associated with demons.
All three were also accused of filthy sex acts:
Magdalene of prostitution
Lilith of sex with demons in huge orgies.
And Eve supposedly had sex with Satan
Have you noticed a lot of religious mythology should be Rated R -- or X -- and put in the horror category??

[96 Pandora & MM statues w/Jars]
In Greek mythology Pandora is to blame for all the world's woes because she opened Pandora's box and released evil into the world.
Another blundering female.
But Pandora’s name means "All-Giver" or Universal Giver and originally she held a jar not a box, from which she poured out blessings like a cornucopia.
An ancient historian warped her story to come up with a Greek blame-it all-on-a-woman creation of evil myth.
Erasmus accidentally mistranslated pithos to pyxis in the Middle Ages, so we call it Pandora's box when really it was a jar, as pictured here. I put Magdalene with her on this slide because that figurine is so similar to the Pandora, both holding jars.

[97 Inanna & MM w/ Jars] Inanna carried a jar, too. 
See how similar her posture is to Magdalene's. The right arm.
And each dress is pulled up revealing feet in just the same way.
These depictions are 3000 years apart in time, yet so alike.
Both these anointed a dying bridegroom and later resurrected him.  In a garden.

[98 Isis Osiris Pieta]
This dying resurrecting bridegroom couple is one of the oldest on earth and there are several versions to their story.  In the one pictured here, Osiris is not chopped up into little pieces.  Isis holds him like Mary holds the dead Jesus in her lap in the pieta.  The grief of Isis resurrects Osiris. 

[99 Isis Pieta & Jars] In other versions, Isis wandered the earth trying to find pieces of her slain beloved. She saved them in alabaster jars, like these Canopic jars used in Egyptian tombs.  She finally finds his fertility organ and uses it to impregnate herself for the world's first immaculate conception.  Horus is the resulting baby-god.

[100 Isis Priestess, MM Knot] The Priestesses of Isis carried alabaster jars. Here's one now on the left with her jar.
On the right is Magdalene wearing a special priestess knot around her waist.  It's called Knot of Isis and was only worn by her priestesses.
Magdalene, like Mary is so often connected to Isis.

[101 Rachel w/Jar] Here’s Rachel, Judaism’s Blessed Mother carrying her jar.
Jars, chalices, grails. Goddesses and women were the vessels of life.
Rachel is like Mary, an intercessor goddess called Mother.  Mother Rachel, who died on the road to Bethlehem having her baby boy. Rachel’s tomb is just outside Bethlehem along the road and is really a goddess shrine, a little temple to her. Jews pray to her like Christians do to Mary and magical red strings are “charged up” in her tomb then worn around the left wrist. Madonna and the Kabbalah Centre didn’t make that up, it’s an ancient tradition, like the rosary, for protection against the evil eye, and devotion to a sacred feminine intercessor.  The red strings are called Rachel’s String; the wearer wraps the string around the left wrist seven times.

Judaism gave Rachel to the people as a replacement for the Goddess they took away. Just like the original Christian Pagans were given Mary to replace their beloved Isis and Diana.  Mary’s temples – or cathedrals – are all over Europe on the spots the goddess was originally worshipped.  They aren’t Jesus or God cathedrals they are huge Mother Goddess temples.  Yet officially, mother goddess was demoted to mortal women such as Mary and Rachel.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[102 MM, Sophia, 3 Daughters] Here we have MM, Sophia and Sophia’s 3 daughters F, H, & C. All but Magdalene are holding sheaves of wheat, showing their connection to the earth goddess.  Magdalene is giving a priestly blessing. Red X’s and O’s all over the place, a symbol of the underground Church that accepted the Xtian Goddess. Pistis, Elpis, Kharis

[103 Inanna by Lisa Hunt]  See the 8 phases of the moon beside Inanna and also 8 moons as her crown.  She’s leading & proceeding. As she playfully creates the world. Going before God daily in delight as Prov 8 says about Sophia, the playful but profound Lady Wisdom.

[104 Asherah ritual stand from Taanach] I have to show you this one because in the next slide you’re going to try to find it hiding in a painting.  This is about the size of nightstand.  Incense was burned on it.  Two lionesses flank Asherah on the bottom as she holds up the world. She is the ground of Being, the base of Creation.  Ibexes are here at the tree of life on the 3rd level.

[105 Asherah by Sandra Stanton]  Now look for the Asherah ritual stand hidden here. 
See Asherah holding a little tree in her hand in the shape of the menorah, the 7-branched candlestick?  It was huge and stood in Solomon’s Temple, a god/goddess temple. The bible says the Menorah was based on an almond tree. It had almond shapes to hold the oil at the top of each of the seven branches, and under each almond shaped cup was an almond bloom shape. Almonds are vesica piscis, goddess symbol. It was a tree of life. An Asherah tree.  Notice the blooming almond tree behind the larger tree which may be an acacia tree. She’s got her Lion & Ibex. The Sea that she walks on.  She can be found where land and sea meet.

[106 Nut by Lisa Hunt]  Here is Nut the Egyptian All-Mother. She is the first swirlings out of the dark.  Spiralling.  She is mother of Osiris and Isis, Mother of All.

[107 Tiamat] swirling, up from the deep. The world is made from her body.  See the land and firmament and the depths, all made from and by her.
The painter calls this Tiamat, Dragon Seed, because Tiamat was symbolized by the great Sea Dragon, sometimes called Leviathan or Behemoth, seen there between her hands.
See the Threads of life running thru the picture. They are new souls. The soul threads also bring to mind a candle flame, or incense smoke.

[108 Spiral Dancer Goddess] Notice she’s pregnant.  With the world. See the seashell is the Golden Mean, that magic ratio mentioned in DVC. This painting reminds me of the alternate translation of Genesis 1:1, In the womb Elohim filled the heavens and the earth.

[109 The Madonna is a Pagan Goddess!] snake, cosmic egg, zodiac all around, vesica piscis, crown of stars as in Rev. 12.

[110 Egyptian Sacred Marriage] Nefertiti is channeling Isis, her husband is channeling Osiris.  The Pharoah and his spouse had to annually re-enact the sacred marriage in the Luxor Temple Holy of Holies. See their hands interlocking, the beginning of the ritual. Nobody knows what exactly they did locked in the Holy of Holies once a year, but most scholars assume it was similar to the Shiva Shakti tantra stuff that went on with the Ark of the Covenant in Solomon’s Temple. The creative sexual act “encouraged” fertility in the kingdom.

[111 Hygeia & Asclepius] Greek healing couple, she: Health & Healing, He, Medicine & Surgery. See the snake as a healing symbol like the snakes on Moses’ staff, the Asherah pole.

[112 Jesus MM by Frank Thomas] This is Jesus and Mary Magdalene by Frank Thomas. Holding rope like a healing serpent.
Wearing Asherah headband. Mark of Asherah priest/esses.
MM has the bread & wine of the Eucharist on her side. 
They are setting up housekeeping with those household items, so it looks like a domestic scene.  But it is a cosmic scene, too.  As they commune on a higher level. This tells us we can bring the holy life into any domestic everyday situation.

[113 Hittite Sacred Marriage]
Now to conclude.  Are these suppressed exiled wives divine? Are they goddesses?
Christianity has three gods, can we have some goddesses too?
How ‘bout a little pantheon going on?
Did you know that Jews and Muslims call Christianity PAGAN because we have a Trinity of gods.

[114 Female in Trinity]
Anything more than one god is considered sheer, blatant paganism.
Too bad there are no females in this three person pantheon,
  although here is that one in Bavaria.
Most of Christianity still clings to the old party line: the Godhead is an exclusive all male club. Two men and a bird…

[115 Female in Trinity w Dove] The church fathers cut out the church mothers AND the sacred feminine.

[116 Trinity Mary Crowned]
The people compensated by making Mary the Mother of Jesus a goddess, tho everyone is careful not to admit it.  That would mean we were pagans for sure if we admitted to a female deity – and to a PANTHEON of gods.

But.  Christianity has pagan DNA -- and that's okay, we can handle it.

What IS this word DIVINE?

Think to yourself right now if you feel God-the-Father is divine. Seems reasonable -- he's an immortal being, created the universe, is all powerful.
Okay, now think if your instincts say Jesus is divine.  You know.  He's a god.  Has supernatural powers, is always painted with a halo. He's a very holy dude. Surely divine.

[117 Christian Goddesses] Now.  Think about God-the-Mother, about Sophia, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene.   Are they divine GODdesses?

Some people have a very hard time deciding in their hearts whether they believe these figures are just as fully divine as the male gods we've all been trained to worship.
It's hard.  I sure have struggled with this.

Margaret Starbird points out that making Magdalene an Apostle, an early Christian teacher, or even the greatest apostle of all – is good, it's progress, but it just isn't enough. 
It's like saying, okay, women can do the work, they can mop the floors in the church, they can be companions, teachers and even bishops, but divinity remains an exclusive all male clique. Believing Yeshua and Mary Magdalene had a very special "friendship," just ain't gonna cut it. 

And the very title God-the-Father logically requires a God-the-Mother counterpart, because how can a father become a father without a mother partner to help him?  Thank you very much. 
The feminine Divine is not an effeminate male cherub, not a building called "the Church", not the wispy mental concept "wisdom".  She is real.  And she is near. In a minute I'm gonna play my musical slide show to the song, She is Near.

[118 Veiled Mother of the World]
You can throw out the archaic verb "worship" if it makes you uncomfortable.
You can honor the female Divine.
Revere her. Venerate her.

OR.  How about taking it one step deeperAwaken to her!
Actualize her!
Just let the divine feminine HAPPEN in your life.
Bring her out, let her out. 
How would she live YOUR life thru YOU.
If you were HER right this minute sitting there, how would she work and live thru you?  Would she drop the veils that figuratively obscure her, and quietly but powerfully begin to do her work…
Remember she is subtle, not obvious.  She is the power of the throne.
She IS the Kingdom, or Queendom.
She is the one who dwells within…she exists in all matter…
So you've got her in you, like it or not.
Question is, how you gonna actualize her…

[ADD MUSIC to end of previous slide, DELETE this slide:  I'm Every Woman (currently numbered 119. Now the last 2 slides will be renumbered]

[119 Jesus & MM on bench]The bottom line is…We want a revised Christianity, a gender balanced Christianity

Just by gathering here we are making that happen.

We can finally meet when we wanna meet, do the rituals and meditations we wanna do – not what the old entrenched Church, mosque & synagogue authorities tell us to do.  Women's Spirituality Circles are being created everywhere, hopefully one is in your town.  If not, start one.  It’s your destiny. 
If enough of us get such groups together, we will create a critical mass, that will leap us into a new mindset for the whole country, for all of western culture and maybe the rest of the planet.

You and I, just by discussing this stuff are on the forefront of a profound growing movement.  A healing of the nations.
And it's big.  And it’s true.
That's why it makes the establishment very uncomfortable.

We can revise our spiritual system into one that doesn't ignore half of reality, half of creation,
that understands we have two equal and CO-working cosmic forces, masculine and feminine. 

[120 CLICK Pulsing ToL]
We can touch the Queendom, the power and the glory.

Now watch the fantastic musical YouTube video that completes this presentation.

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