July 22 & 23, 2004 in Seattle, Washington, Dr. Katia Romanoff presented a talk entitled "Magdalene To Live By: Everyday Esoteric Christian Techniques to Transform Your Life".  Margaret Starbird was the featured speaker, and several other pioneers in the Sacred Christian Feminine movement also gave presentations.

Dr. Katia explains how to cross yourself using body, mind, soul and spirit.

At Joan Norton's Hollywood, California Event-- May 2006
Katia's "God Has a Wife" Presentation

From left: Joan Norton, Margaret Starbird, Katia Romanoff
Phoenix, Arizona -- May 2007
at Finbarr Ross' Awaken the Divine Feminine Conference

All the speakers at the Phoenix event, from left: Finbarr Ross, Flo Magdalena, Kathleen McGowan, Glenda Green, Sharon Hooper, Ani Williams, Katia Romanoff, Siobhan Houston, and Angelina Heart.

A very few of the Radio Shows Dr. Katia has appeared on.

Dr. Katia has appeared on far too many radio shows for the poor, overworked Sitekeeper to list them all, so here are a few of the highlights.
Guest on Art Bell's Coast to Coast  ---  Oct 5, 1999
Guest on Art Bell's Coast to Coast --- Feb 17, 2000   Webcast from Anchorage, Alaska

RockTalk   The Alan Handelman Show

The Greaseman's syndicated show from L.A.

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