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Greeting the Day #1

Upon awakening, go outside or at least to a window and see the sun's light.  If it's cloudy that's okay, the world is still flooded with light from the sun even on the cloudiest of days.  Reach out your left hand as if to take in the sun's energy, and say the following:

Hail Sunna, [Soon-nah] Lady of the heavens
Rising in East, inspired of sovelu [Soe-vay-loo]
Hail Alfrodul, [Ahl-froe-dool] shining beam
Let down your rays, inspire us
Your chariot drawn by flaming mane
From brilliant morn till beauteous eve
Ride steady, ride high
Watch ever over, guide our steps,
Enliven our bodies, draw up our crops,
Illuminate our minds. Ever hail to thee.

--arranged by Ari Odhinssen & Alfta Svanni Lothursdottir

Greeting the Day #2

Adapted from Sigdrífumál by Alfta Svanni Lothursdottir

Hale Dagr
Hale sons of Dagr
To Nött and her daughter hale
With loving eyes
Look on us here
And here sitting give us weal
Hale to the Regin
Hale to the Alfar
Hale to bounteous Mother Jorth and Nerthus
Words and wisdom give us
And praiseworthy deeds
And healing hands while we live

This is a daily prayer said at rising, that was adapted from the Poetic Edda, from the lay of Sigdrífulmál. Dagr is the god of day, and Nött is the goddess of night. The Regin are the gods of the North; the Aesir and Vanir. The word Regin means, literally, 'ruling powers'. The Alfar are the elves. Jorth and Nerthus are both names for different aspects of the earth. The word "hale" basically means health and Holiness and is the English cognate for the Old Norse word 'heill', of the same meaning.

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